Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. Now I understand why the trunk is being reworked. 335's? Planning on renting to the local paving company to roll pavement?

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  2. Thanks man...and one of the best pieces is still yet to come. ;)

    Thanks man. Yeah I'll rent it out for some paving with the 345's out back.
  3. Wait, do you do ceramic coating also?
  4. Yep
  5. Im digging that Sapphire in the hood, but maybe I am partial. Cant wait to see what you do in the rear to cram those puppies under the fenders, I love fat tires tucked in the back!
  6. You are my new bestest friend in the whole world.
  7. I think this thread is going to break 100,000 views soon.


  8. Does this really surprise you tho when looking at the detail of the work and amount of time invested?

    This thread still blows me away.
  9. Thanks Steve!
    I started this thing trying to build a little better car than I had before and it has just kinda snowballed into this. I really don't even miss the previous one because if I still had it, I would have probably done it all over again anyway. It had a decent paint job, but the drive train, interior, stereo, wheels and suspension where really all sub par.
  10. No problem.

    I have been tuned in for most of the duration. Wish I had the time and money to do something similar. I am excited for the final results (if there is one). Would love to come see this in person once its finished.
  11. Yes..there will be a final result and ending to this. Then... there will be another car and build. The next project is already in the shop and waiting.
  12. Thanks man! I knew you...of all people, would understand my need for the Sapphire.
  13. looking awesome the 345s will be sick, there was a notch with some at myrtle last week , wish you could have made it over to see the pace car my buddy tom had there
  14. Thanks Troy! First Mustang week I've missed in 10 years, but work is out of hand right now. I bet 345's on a notch were huge. I didn't miss the annual harassment by the MBPD though.
  15. yeah we had a little trouble but not with the mbpd , you are going to have me sending my wheels back to get widened and mini tubing my 95 lol
  16. Yeah... They tend to profile good ole Mustang guys as criminals. Lol! Don't forget shaving the engine bay while your at it.
  17. figures that i don't check this thread in a while and there's paint and new tires and all kinds of goodies.

    i did get pics of the 345s on the notch, but forgot to bring my camera with today to upload the pics. i personally wasn't a fan; the stance wasn't right. it sat too high in the back.
  18. Thanks man! You never know when I'm going to get my a$$ in gear and get some stuff done. I have a bunch of new parts on the way too.
    A customer sent me some pics of that red coupe with the 345s. I have to agree with you. It kinda reminded to of an old...really hate to even say the word...Camaro. The rear just seemed to be a little jacked up.
  19. lolololololololololol.

    keep up the amazing work.