Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. very cool cant wait to see them
  2. Well...depends on whether its a steel or aluminum wheel. widening aluminum, you use a new piece from an outer shell that 2 piece wheels are made from. Turn the two pieces to interlock to keep them aligned during welding. Then weld the 2 pieces together on an automatic rotary welder, then skim cut on a lathe.
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  3. I think your project is gonna be very cool. I do have to tell you that You have stolen my build thread title (Even before I have a build thread to title):fuss:
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  4. Sorry man...I can upon this title honestly. Believe old cars weren't much more than ashes when it was all said and done. Thanks for checking it out.
  5. Just kidding man. You were working on yours while I was going to town on mine on the Fox talk side. Now that the forums are merged, I'll just have to find a different way of saying it when I start mine.

    Someday,...when ever the stinkin' car gets here.
  6. Maybe I'll have mine done by then...Probably not...maybe but unlikely.
  7. Are they ever really done?

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  8. :nonono:
  9. So I just read 46 pages of this post! OMG, Holy Cow, WTF all come to mind. First off sorry about your loss. Secondly this is an amazing build and I wish you the best of luck! I'll be following you ( not in some sort of demented or creepy way )
  10. LOL! Thanks man. 46 pages wow...can't believe its that many.
  11. Hurry up and paint it before page 100!!!
  12. Aww come on. I'll make room for you in the molester van :D
  13. ^^^^^^ now that's funny :spit:
  14. Ok...I'm going to have to post some progress just to get 5.0 Ford Guy's "Chester the molester" van out of my page view. BTW...this is probably the reason 333 haunts you....LOL!

    Went over the whole car again looking for paint perfection. Also worked over the engine bay again. Finished boxing the driver side frame rail. Rear wheels are almost done.
    Also got started on another set of Recaros. The foam is in good shape...bolt holes, not so much. Nothing that can't be fixed pretty easily though.
  15. Hey, at least its a Ford! ;)
  16. Whatever makes you sleep at night.
  17. Only until 3:33

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  19. Nope... I make my own.
  20. Holy cow. That is amazing.