Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. Next time I do bodywork. I'm going in just like this. Car is straight as an arrow. Every line and curve. Can only imagine how perfect the paint will be. :hail:
  2. Thanks man...I appreciate it.
    Once its painted...its painted and so I just can't move forward until I am happy with every detail and line. I want to paint it bad, but I have moved too fast into paint and then seen one detail I missed and that made for an unhappy body guy.
  3. looking good keep the updates coming
  4. I understand. I'm the same way and WISH I could have took this much time. I say take as long as it takes for the paint. No matter how much "bellyaching" goes on in this thread. We will all be right in here patiently waiting for the final results.
  5. Rear wheels 18 x 13...check
    I used a PVD chrome finish on the face of this one just to see how it would look. While I think the finish looks decent, I'm not digging the chrome look, but it did help me decide on the finish I want for them. So that's up next.
    new-7002_zpsb801bd07.jpg new-7004_zps652fa188.jpg
  6. wow they look awesome , now i really am going to have to mini tub my 95
  7. Thanks man and go for it.
  8. Wow, nice job. I see the rims have been widened - what are you doing about the backspacing? Are you going to run a spacer?
  9. No spacers. Widened them to spec. with the narrowed rear end I'm doing. They will tuck in a hair so I can drop the car on the ground.
  10. Ok, I just read through 47 pages...

    First... so sorry about the fire and the loss. I was nauseated at the sight of the burned up cars.

    Second... your work is just ok (betcha never heard that before, totally kidding) and I love the paint scheme. I am however, VERY disappointed to not see paint on the whole car yet after seeing the hood shots a few pages back. The color choices are just perfect. Those wheels, just wow, and the seats, holy crap!!! I want some redone recaros for my '92 notch bad!

    While my paint/body work likely can't compare to yours, I do appreciate how much time and effort goes into making it perfect. However, I think you keep sanding and priming when you should just wash the dust layer off the top to reveal the perfectly smooth base you sanded 3 months ago. ;)
  11. ^^^^
    Thanks bird_dog
    Appreciate you taking the time to check it out. I'm actually done (99%) with the body work. I just decided to add some final fabrications before laying it down.
    Paint will be coming, when the time is right.
  12. idk if its just me but i feel you should shave the door handles. but thats just me.

  13. There's nothing at all wrong about being a perfectionist. It's what separates the "Wow, that's cool" from the "HOLY ####". I appreciate work done by people who don't cut corners. Look at all the work put into this project to make areas that will never be seen look beautiful. It's going to make all the difference in the world when it's all done. Keep it up sir. We'll patiently wait for paint.
  14. Wow... Been almost a year since I checked in and still no paint (except the hood). The suspense is killing me. I thought I was anal, but wow. It will look amazing and the work is beyond first class. As someone else said, I love the blue tribute stripe.... Looks amazing. Ohh and as it will probably be a while before I check in.... The camaro wheel comment a few pages back..... trust me most camaro guys are already embarrassed about that (including me)...only the mullet mop heads are into that and think it's "Cool".

    Looking forward to the progress in the future and as a closing remark - love the 70 (personally my favorite year of the mustang.... If I should admit that, though my wife's cobra is growing on me)
  15. WOW, I read all 47 pages and love the attention to detail! Glad your throwing a little bit of the blue car memory into this one. Id be interested in some of that chrome plating if you want to do any on the side.
  16. Thanks....I appreciate y'all following the progress. I have accumulated some cool parts for this project in the last few weeks, but am currently taking a couple months off from everything.
  17. I am truely impressed with your work!!! I just finished making the metal for the engine bay and have a very similar build, What a pita to block the engine bay and filler work I just painted mine last week. I work at a autobody shop so it def helps, and I'm also aware how poorly these cars fit right out of the gate! Great work!
  18. ^^^
    Thanks, I really appreciate it.
    Even though I've taken some time off from this car, I've still been working up some parts for it.
    I did some smoked OEM Cobra headlights a few pages back but I like to switch out so I picked up another set of stockers
    And then reworked them a little
    I was able to pick up some taillights and mirrors for the car.
    I went ahead and wet sanded and buffed all the lenses out, the 99's in the pic are for the Mach, but its the only pic I took. I'll be getting the lights and mirrors painted up sometime.
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