Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. mmmm so much amber in one place! love it!!
  2. Thanks man...Its amber glory.
    I am leaning toward the 94/95 exports with the Saleen covers (after I redo them)for this car. At least at first.
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  3. I think the export '96-'98 tails are some of the best looking tail lights ever made. I'd love to have a set of those on my car if I wasn't intent on sticking with the horizontals.
  4. I go back and forth so that's why I just decided to get a set if each and swap out when I feel like it. I think I have about 6 different sets of tail lights for this car now... NOS, exports and smoked.
  5. i wanted to do exports with saleen bezels and make the rarest taillights ever. but haven't found a deal on the bezels yet.
  6. I actually lucked out with mine. A friend of mine offered them up with the Saleen Gauge pod and I grabbed them. These did require a lot of work and had to be stripped but with rare parts, you got to take what you can get.
    There is a NOS set local to me with taillights that was purchased from Saleen in the 90's but the guy wants like $700. These wouldn't be hard to pattern and remake if there was enough interest.
  7. very cool i think i was looking at that same set of white exports a couple months back
  8. 69clark was going to remake them and had a guy lined up to mold them. dude vanished with them and the mold... so yeah if you want to remake them, count me 100% in on that.
  9. ^^^
    I can mold those myself and run em if I can get 30 to 40 interested. But, I really don't have time to get all the orders organized and get the word out. But if you want to see how many people would be interested. I can do them.
  10. okay, i'll see what i can scrounge up.

    about how much would they be?
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  11. Between $100 and $125.
  12. Been following your build for a year or so now. Love the attention to detail on this beauty! Mad props man!
  13. Dude your my idol, I am trying to expand my career as a fleet mech into my first love of mustangs. I hope that some day I can be on the same level as you. Great work so far on your projects and keep us updated.

  14. Updates?
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  15. The little rare goodies are starting to show;)
    Those Saleen covers, go 94-95 lights. No one seems to ever regret them, and they're special!
    And those side view mirrors! Fold ins?;) those must've cost a pretty penny.
  16. Thanks man, I appreciate it. I have been doing cars for 20 years now but working cars can be fun. Just hard to spend all day working on them and then mess with your own project sometimes.

    I've got some updates to put together, I'll put some up in the next few days.

    Thanks man. The mirrors were actually less than a standard set of 03/04 cobra mirrors. The lights weren't that bad either. I'm trying to include all my favorite OEM parts in this build. The harder to get the better. I've actually managed to gather multiple sets of export mirrors and lights somehow.
  17. Yeah I hear that my car doesn't get the attention it deserves for sure. But it will become what I want soon.

  18. No doubt, I'm sure you'll get it there. Just keeping plugging away on it.

    Here's the update
    Got the short block built and painted. I decided to waste a bunch of hours not only smoothing the inside but also the outside of the block. Then I polished out some letters and put 6 coats of clear over it all. Another example of time spent for not, since you won't even see the thing once everything's bolted on and in the car.
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  19. Wow.... just Wow!