Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. Oh my god. If I saw just one square inch of that in my engine bay, I would have what Clarkson refers to as a "crisis."

  2. ^^^^^!

  3. More Please!!!!

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  4. What wheels are on your fox? 17" or 18"?
  5. I hear ya man. I've got more done, just need to find some time to post. I'll try to get something up in the next few days.

    Both my foxes have 18 " wheels.
  6. I apologize I should have been more specific. What brand and style?
  7. No problem. I guess you were asking about the T-Top car.
    It has Saleen Heritage wheels 18 x9 fronts/ 18 x 11 rears (widened). The offset is for an 05 up so you have to set your rear axle length to make them work and tuck in nicely. The fronts fit perfect with the use of 96 up spindles.
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  8. :drool:
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  9. jizzed in my pants
  10. they really should sticky this thread, for the amount of people that follow it lol i always have to search for it now....
  11. hey just checking in glad to see some updates
  12. Did some tail light work. Did some bezels for the 96s in my old color just to see how it would look.
    Then I did the 94 set for this car.
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  13. You have an uncanny way of making paint look literally like glass. The tails you did for me look great on my car.
  14. Thanks man! It's all in the hours of prep work. Glad your still liking the smoked tails. I still remember sanding all that crappy nightshades off them.
  16. bump....what's going on with this car? it's been forever since an update.
  17. Looks great as always - man those tail lights are rocking (it does look like glass) - if I follow through and buy a 96 mystic one day - the one 'thing' I would do ASAP -is switch out to the 94-95 tails - probably shave the spoiler as well but that's me -- looks great!!!!
  18. Yeah...I know.
    I haven't had an opportunity to get on and have been working around the clock on other stuff.
    I did get my mirrors all worked up and here's how they turned out.
    Bases redone in black with a matte clear to match the factory trim
    Housings sanded and worked over with several coats of primer
    Painted up
    New mirror motors, NOS ford Glass, anodized screws, and powdercoated motor brackets.
    all done
    Thanks and good choice!
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  19. Here are my repop Saleen covers. After working on the Saleen set I bought, I quickly realized it would be much faster to mold my own rather than bring the crappy paper thin ones up to the level I'm going for on this car. Plus Prokiller had asked me to look into making these because you really can't find the originals. So here we have them finished in a flat black just for comparison purposes. Would be just as easy to do them in matte black, gloss or possibly carbon fiber.

    Here's a comparison on smoked lights
    and on exports
    After all that I still may not use these at all. I'm already using a Saleen wing and if I add the taillight covers I may be getting into the dreaded clone stage. Any opinions are welcome.
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