Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. Thanks! I'll be there, but in my other Mustang...this ones going be down a while.

    Next up getting the front fenders squared away first. Stripped down to metal with the DA. Antenna hole welded up. Cleaned with prep sol and scuff pads, ready to put some material on.
    Then two coats of SPI Epoxy Primer. IMHO this is the best stuff on the market for sealing bare metal.
  2. SPI? Is that a local brand? I've never heard of it.
  3. Home

    Southern Polyurethanes Inc.

    This is the best DTM primer I have found. Will also be using their high build primer.
  4. i have racedeck too. i love them. mine are the black and charcoal because i was sure i would not be able to keep the white clean.

    i have used jack stands with both the minivan and the fairlane on it and it has been fine. but i also used a floor jack and it dug into the flooring the first time i used it, so now i use a piece of wood under the jack and it is fine.
  5. I do the same thing with my floor jack. I love all the different designs they offer. Do you have a picture of your floor?

    I went with the white and black because I wanted to match the mud room entrance tile to the garage floor.
  6. Still in December.

    Here are the fenders after blocking and priming with the high build, one more round of blocking and their ready to spray.
  7. I was in the Laquinta in Kingsport for about 10 hours last night. If I could live anywhere in the country, that would be one of my top picks.

  8. do you do your own painting? i'd love to learn how you do it because it looks like excellent work.
    here is one from before we moved in ... looking at it again, it is more like charcoal and silver.

    it's kinda boring ... 4x4 squares. i could have gotten creative and done a design, but we just wanted to get it down and move in. but that's the cool thing about the tiles, you can re-arrange them whenever you feel like it.

    when we moved in, we downsized, so a whole lot of stuff ended up in there. we got rid of alot of it, and i have the rest over on one side now so at least i can get the fairlane in and have started carving out a space for my work area. i am hoping to clear out as much as possible and actually be organized. it's alot of work! no pics of it now because it is too embarassing :nonono:
  9. Garage floor looks great! I like the charcoal look. The great thing about Racedeck is how easy it is to take apart and put back together. No body believes me when I tell them that my 7 year old put down most of my floor.:shrug:
  10. I wonder how it compares to doing an epoxy coating. I've been thinking about it more since I accidentally shook a bottle of black-died Turtle Wax polish upside down without the lid (yeah I really did). Not only did it stain the garage floor, but my attempt to wipe the massive splatter amplified the damage even more. Major major mess.
  11. There are pros and cons to both. Here is a link where they compare the two all day long.
    Flooring - The Garage Journal Board
    I will say to do an epoxy floor right, its still going to cost $500 plus for a normal 2 car garage, but unlike racedeck, you cant move it or take it with you.
  12. For today's update, some more work I did in December.

    This is the Tremec TKO500 out of my old car, a lot of elbow grease and time.
    Notice the boot on the trans did not even get touched by the fire or heat.
    Blasted and powdered the old bellhousing, block plate, clutch fork at the same time. All these parts turned out better the second time around.
  13. god i hate you.

    can you sense the jealousy? :D
  14. Thanks... I guess?
  15. Its going to be too clean to drive!
  16. LOL made that mistake once... This ones going to be driven!
  17. I suppose the right attention to detail now will make it much easier to keep clean later. Hiding things like tubing and wires gets a lot out of the way.
  18. That's awesome.

    What kind of oven are u using?
  19. I must be getting older because I'm over everything be polished and chromed. I like powder much better and this car will reflect that.
  20. Any details/pics of your powder coating set up? Sounds fantastic.