Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. Dude those look awesome, especially on the exports (which is what I want them for). I'll try and get some committed numbers in the next week or so. Currently up at Laconia for the smokin stangs meet so internet availability is sporadic. I do have a committed person for a carbon fiber set. Troy (the guy you hung out with at Carlisle) will definitely get a set in carbon. At the moment though I think a good 5 sets is easy enough to do. I'll keep you posted once I get back to normalcy.
  2. i say you send me whatever you dont use! :)

    and yes, i am still alive LOL
  3. I personally like the stock bezels more. I think the rounded edges flow with the rounded lines of the car better. For example, I cant stand when people put super square body kits on '94-'98 cars, as the car has rounded edges. Keep the squares for '99-'04 models! That's just me though, obviously the Saleen bezels have a following.
  4. @ prokiller....No hurry on getting any numbers on those interested. Like I said, it will be later this year before I have time to do a run of them. I'm putting some paint on a customers car now and really need to get his car done, plus I've got the other gig I mentioned most days. Next I'll do a carbon fiber set and post up some pics.
    @inphiniti...good to see you around.
    Hope all is going well with your
    @95BlueStallion... I think you pretty well summed my thoughts about the Saleen covers, but I'll have a couple sets of lights with them on so I can throw them on the car when I want a change.
  5. things are going well, slowly, but well. i am probably at the same stage as when we last briefly spoke. the fox's engine bay is painted, the trunk is jammed. need to finish the rocker panels under the door and then we're good for the rest of body paint. i am going to bed line the interior floor since nothings in there but we're fighting humidity in New England right now.

    but yeah, things have slowed down a little since we got married and purchased our first home within the past 8 months. in due time. My goal - Carlisle 2015!
  6. Good to hear. Marriage and houses can really slow down a project. I would suggest the spray on bedliner that SPI sells if your going to do the interior floor. Message me if you want the details. I just finished painting my little 89 Saleen that I got a few months back and now I'm doing the interior in it. It was really nasty for a car that had under 20K miles. I'm planning on using epoxy and tinting it the factory color which is a dark shadow blue for my floor. That way it will look factory but be 10x tougher.
  7. Pics of the 89 or it never happened
  8. WOW!!!!! I spent the past 3 days reading post 1 thru 988 and I got to say you are a talented man with cars. Reading all the posts and your comments and I see you believe in doing all the work yourself and seem to have all the necessary equipment for all that to happen. I have come to realize that you totallly have a knack and joy for this work, and the happiness that comes with a completed product with the manner of commitment you put into each project is above all others I have seen or witnessed in the past. I have mad props for your work and am going to follow up on your completion.

    BTW, whatever happened to that 70 Boss you were working on? Still working on it, and if so can you post progress pics of where you are on the car?

    Great read, great work, and great creativity and patience. Truely talented and blessed in the automotive world of restoration.
  9. Tail lights look great! What are your plans for the interior of the sn?

  10. Oh it most certainly happened. Good to see you around black1987.

    89 Saleen--had 33,xxx original miles and just needed a refresh. So my goal with this car was more to bring back to showroom new...maybe a little better.
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  11. With the exterior done, I 've been redoing the interior. It wasn't bad but it wasn't perfect either. I'm fixing any flaws and recoloring everything back to factory original.
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  12. @stangr5oh...Thanks for taking the time to go thru all 50 pages or whatever it is. I really appreciate the kind words. I'm sure this tread is confusing since I posted pics of multiple projects and cars I'm working on. The 70 Boss has made some progress. The metal work is done and I'm starting some body work but haven't had much time for it or the 94 lately.

    Thanks...I was planning mostly stock for the 94 but I'm decided to go mostly custom. I'll add some details later.
  13. want to buy my car? you can restore that and sell it afterwards LOL
  14. Man that Saleen is epic! Build thread for that car please.

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  15. *points to the next door in the hallway*

    That one is yours @95steedamustang .

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  16. So,I've been reading this thread a little at a time over the last week or so and......... Any more Updates? Lol
  17. Thanks for checking it out. Hadn't had any time to do updates on my own 94 project. I have been busy with customer cars.
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  18. Stupid customers. Cant they pay in advance and let their cars simmer on the back burner while you finish yours?
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  19. So.....not to sound like a broken record..... Any updates?