Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. I'm with you on that, I really like the powder coat look more so then anything else I've seen. And you don't have to polish it haha.
  2. I am also interested in learning more about home based powder coating setups
  3. Personally, I like a completely built car that kind of looks factory. Blasting and powdercoating instead of polishing ends up giving it a factory look. I also think you'd be more inclined to enjoy it & drive it rather than worry so much about the finish that way.
  4. I just started out with an eastwood kit and an old home oven and when I had an opportunity to put up a metal building, I was able to expand. I'll try to take some pictures in a few days.

    Once you start powdercoating, you won't be able to stop.
  5. Moving to January. I am going to be using Edelbrock Victor Jr. aluminum heads that have been well worked for this engine. I was able to trade for Performer II intake. Here are the finished pics after powdercoating it gloss black, and then hand polishing the letters and fins to give it a machined look. I like it much better than the old one.

    I also smoothed the casting out with a grinder prior to coating to give it a little slicker look
    Put together
  6. Next up was more parts off my old car.

    Everything except of course the interior parts, they were just laying on the table. Everything else was powdercoated.
    I already had a MM K-member that I bought in December, so I sold the one you see to further fund the project.
    Then I disassembled the old brake calipers and tried out the red high temp powder.
  7. where do you find an oven that is 8'x4'x4' ?
  8. Designed and built to my specs.
    Below is my material list I used to build all three.

    Number Material Size Gauge
    14 pieces galvanized 4 x 8 16 gauge
    6 pieces galvanized 4 x 8 16 gauge
    20 pieces galvanized 5 x 8 13 gauge
    20 pieces galvanized 3 x 8 13 gauge
    5 pieces cold rolled steel 4 x 8 21 gauge

    Oh and I also had to get some steel studs for the oven.

    The 5 x 8 and 3 x 8 I had to bend 90 degrees in the middle to make everything up. I'll try to shoot some pics later. Right now it a huge mess in there after putting a paint booth in.
  9. man, this thread is just amazing!! what a way not to get down when things go bad, and pave forward.

    taking any powdercoating jobs? :D lol justkidding
  10. Thanks man! Thats why I wanted to put this thread up. No matter how bad things seem, it can always be turned around.
  11. Well here is the 331 forged stroker engine that's going into the 94 Cobra. This is after stripping, wire brushing, sanding, cleaning, and spraying base/clear.
    I am using a Comp Cams Nitrous HP Camshafts Part# 35-556-8 along with Edelbrock aluminum victor Jr. Heads.
  12. Wow this thread is awsome very inspiring. Your doing a great job keep the pics coming. By the way all three of your cars are beautiful well the first 2 WHERE and this one is.:nice:
  13. Thanks! Really appreciate the motivation.

    Next up it was time to pull out the stock cobra motor and 5 speed.
  14. how do you heat it?
  15. Electrical heating elements hooked to a control panel with a thermostat. The big key is to distribute them evenly to maintain proper heat in every part. I use a old dark room timer to keep up with baking times.
  16. What wheels are on your car? If you dont mind me asking
  17. They are Godspeed Omega Wheels 18 x 9 / 18 x 10 rears.

    I really dont know if I like them or not, but they came on the car.
  18. They seem a bit cheap to me. I've never been a fan of the 'faux' deep dish with the bent spokes. I think your next build will deserve something like say some 18" HRE C95s :D
  19. Yeah even if I kept them, I would have to widen the rears to 18 x 12 anyway, so I will probably do some custom wheels, maybe CCW. Not even close to that point yet.
  20. Next up on the project, it was time to go ahead and get this car striped down.

    Rear end out
    Rear bumper off
    Front suspension removed
    Trunk lid, tail lights bumper bar and Driver door off.
    With all that taking apart, I had to put something back on. Quick fender hood gap check.