Rjm Injection Tech. Any One Here Purchased From This Company, Any Good Experience?

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  1. A few weeks ago I purchased an IAC pig tale from RJM. I received an email from them that my part was shipped via USPS Priority Mail and my credit card was charged for this part. Well I have received plenty of items via USPS Priority mail and received my packages in less than 3 days max. Over a week later and no part and when I go to the USPS tracker to track this item it shows this has not even been sent out. I have sent emails to this outfit to find out where the hell my pigtail is and get absolutely no answer!! Have I been ripped off????

    If I remember right I have read here in the past, less than favorable comments on this company and their customer service.
  2. They are a 2 guy company try calling them right when they open up always worked for me and I've never had a problem with then
  3. I ordered 10 EEC pins from them. Took a long time to get them but I did eventually get them. I'd like to say it took at least a week and a half using USPS priority mail.
  4. Just FYI, a lot of those goofy, Ford-specific EFI wiring connectors can be easily found in the JY. Doesn't have to be a Mustang; Ford has been using all that stuff across all their vehicles for a number of years. I've got a stash of fuel injector plugs, EEC pins, sensor plugs, all sorts of stuff, and I've got probably less than $5 in all of it.
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  5. According to the tracker number I was provided shows the item I ordered has not even passed thru a Post Office. So I am believing I have been ripped off because they won't even answer emails regarding this issue. I will be calling my credit card co. and dispute the charges they robbed me for.
  6. Have you tried calling?
  7. I ordered some alternator conversion stuff from them, it took a long time but it was no big deal.
  8. I ordered a injector rebuild kit and a few other things from RJM with no problems. If your tracking number isnt showing anything then USPS probably lost it. That has happened to me a few times. USPS sucks!!!:notnice:
  9. I've used them with no issues several times
  10. I have yet to have a problem with anything shipped via USPS Priority mail. I have purchaced parts thru RockAuto several times. They usually ship the parts to me by USPS Priority and I have received the parts from them in 3 days max without fail. And other companys using USPS Priority with the same results, most of the time in two days.

    There was a tracking number provided with the email that my item had been shipped, but according to the tracker the part I ordered never even made to the Post Office to be sent out. And to top it off, I have sent several emails at least 5 with no answer back from these people or been able to speak to anyone on the phone. So to me their customer service sucks and I will never consider them for anything ever again.

    I made a call to my credit card co. They attempted to contact RJM with the same results I did. So I got the charges credited back to my account for a part I did not get so all is good now.
  11. What part was it and why did you go with them in the beginning?
  13. Well I was gonna say if it was something like an EEC plug or something then they are pretty much your only bet but Im sure you can find that pig tail at Lmr or cj
  14. We have spent lots of money with RJM between our 3 cars, and have been very happy with the products and service.
    My oldest son's 81 Fox Fairmont has their 5.0 EFI conversion harness....
  15. Like I said above, all those EFI wires and connectors were common across all Ford vehicles. There are a bajillion F-150s, Crown Vics, Thunderbirds, and Mark VIIs sitting in junk yards just waiting to be stripped bare for dirt cheap.

    larrym1961 , like my old man would say, chalk it up to experience. Use this opportunity to take a stroll through a boneyard and save some money while you're at it.
  16. I placed an order thrusday, i recieved a shipping number friday, and received a UPS email yesterday saying the parts were on the way. They should be at my door when i get home.

    Posting on here isnt going to solve the problem, id call them a few times a day till they answer the phone and get an explanation.
  17. After complementing RJM I think im having my first problem. I placed an order on Sunday night 11/3 and it is now 11/7 and I have yet to receive any kind of email stating my order was shipped. I have called over and over with no answer and the voicemail says the box is full and I cant leave a message. However the money was taken from my account. :nonono:
  18. Figure out when they open according to your time zone and call them as soon as they open thats how ive always gotten ahold of them
  19. I tried that today. I called 3 0r 4 times between 9 and 10 their time and still no answer. My parts still havent arrived yet and not a word from RJM
  20. Try emailing them