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  1. How can your car be slower with a SuperCharger? P.S. I know nothing of engines or mechanical anything...
  2. I had just installed the supercharger and hadn't upgraded the drivetrain or tires. I didn't have any traction at the drag strip on the stock pirellis. The added power made the car slower at the drag strip because it couldn't put it do the ground. It was a frustrating night I had a Vette that would run 12.3 stock and then had this supercharged mustang running 13s... I was expecting to run low 11s just by adding power. I've since installed axles and a solid driveshaft and some drag radials and ran an 11.4 @ 125 With a slipping clutch :) hoping soon to add a little suspension and a set of slicks and break into the 10s.
  3. Its been a while since I've updated my build thread. I wrecked the car about 2 months ago. Swerved a deer and hit a tree. Did about 10K in damage to driver front corner. I got lucky and none of the blower components were damaged. The body shop still has my car as there are a couple of parts still lingering in the shipping process. The hood that came in was crushed during shipping so they sent it back for a replacement. We are still waiting on an airbag to show up. While I've been waiting I ordered some more parts for the car. I've purchased and received a McLeod RST dual plate clutch, lightened flywheel and a MGW Race Spec X Spec Shifter. I topped it with a white knob with the shift pattern on it. I can't wait to get my car back and get these new parts installed and update you all with how she performs.
    IMG_3025.JPG IMG_3030.JPG IMG_3031.JPG
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  4. Here is a picture of the damage.
  5. I can't leave you all on a sad note like this though a couple days before I wrecked her I got her a new pair of shoes for drag racing!!!
    IMG_1591.JPG QDDU8900.JPG
  6. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hope you get her back soon
  8. Still no car yet.... more parts have came in though! I'm hoping to get it back this week *fingers crossed*. Parts waiting to go on McLeod flywheel, RST Clutch, DSS axles, Shaftmasters driveshaft, MGW xspec race spec shifter, BMR jacking rails, BMR performance springs and Drag Stars with MT ET streetR and some M&H skinnies
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  9. The parts are still stacked up in my garage. I took delivery of the car but it wasn't till I got it home that I realized how many issues there were with the repair job. The paint was swirled, the body panels were not aligned, the hood had been shimmed with washers, ABS,TCS, and Airbag lights all on, over half the bolts and plastic push screws missing from underbelly tray, brand new headlight wasn't taped off when buffed and is now dull looking, driver side hood weather stripping missing, intercooler bolts missing, they used the incorrect size socket on my lugnuts and now they get stuck when using the correct size. Needless to say I gave the car back to them and told them to make it right. They have had the car since March 7th. I had it for two weeks while they "made room in the shop" to give my car the attention it needs but they've already had it a week and 5 days and its still in pieces from what they tell me. I really REALLY hope they get it right this time around.
  10. That sucks!!!
    Sorry to hear that!!!
  11. Yeah so am I. I contacted the insurance company and they in nicer words said I was on my own because i used an out of network shop. I now know what questions to ask. I didn't want my car going to an express shop because they just whip them out without a care in the world. I never expected the shop i picked to be such a mess. I've seen two of my neighbors cars go through this shop and they looked great. One was a complete respray the other was a nice cut and buff. I'm assuming they have had some employee turn over since then. =(
  12. The car ended up going to Ford to have the Restraint Control Module programmed. Geico about sh** themselves when they asked for supplement money 6 months later. The total bill is around 12K now. Ford is finished with the car and its back in the hands of the body shop while they try to align the hood. (should be the last step) I hope. I'm running out of time i still have a clutch, and flywheel, driveshaft, and axles to install. Then i have to break in the clutch all before OCT 6 when i run the car at FL2k17.
  13. Very nice :):)!! Can't wait till I get mine. *sigh* it's going to take some time
  14. I got all the parts installed and ran the car at FL2k17. Didn’t set any personal records. I need to learn the new setup. Had some wheel hop issues and didn’t have the best weather. Can’t wait for some cooler weather and some more track time. The car did everything it should, ran great, shifter great, tons of traction when the wheels didn’t shake. Really happy with her performance.