Rochester, NY Mustang club???

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  1. I live in Rochester, NY, and haven't been able to find any info about any local Mustang clubs. Does anybody know of any? Much appreciated.
  2. there's one in rochester or atleast was, ill try to find some info on it.
  3. I found a Rochester Mustang club online through a Google search, but tried calling a few times, and never had my messages answered... Maybe we need to start one...
  4. You hear of M.O.M's racing (Mustang On Mustang) MOMs Racing - Where Fords run fast together! it's not really a club, but it's a pretty close group of racers who hold events on Newyork International Raceway park.

    Introduce yourself at the forums alot of nice people over there.
  5. I've been over there a few times, and it is a blast. Kinda wanted to find something more cruise related, though. I see tou're from Rochester, though. Where in Rottenchester are you at? Your car looks pretty sick, but I don't think I've seen it around. I'm on the east side, and go to the Log Cabin alot. Like to see the car in person. Let me know next time you're heading out, and maybe we can meet up. Cruise, or drags!!
  6. I'm new here (as of today), and I live in Clifton Springs, about 30 miles east of Rochester, and I'd be interested in a cruisn' club also. I've been to the Cabin once this year, hope to go tomorrow if car gets back from the garage (inspection and, uhhh, rear tires.....fronts are fine, imagine that!).

    Wegmans in Canadaigua has a nice show every Thursday nite, until the end of August.
  7. im in greece. Rick's Prime Rib on Buffalo rd in Gates has a show every tuesday I plan on at least going a few times before the end of the year, I think they run till october.
  8. MMMM... Prime rib. West sider, huh? Damn, you know how that goes, you'll never come over here, I'll never go over there, etc.. etc.. Seriously, though your car looks sick, I'd love to see it, but this damned rain... Never.. Stops.. Only had the car out a handful of times this year. Need to mile 'er up some!
  9. What kind of stang you rockin' Colonel? Canandaigua's a drive, but at least it's on the east side!
  10. 88 convertable. 5L, 5 speed, 5 lug conversion with 17" rubber.
    red, silver stripes. I have a photo I'm trying to add to my profile but I'm not exactly a computer whiz! LOL

    Canandaigua's last show was supposed to be last nite but canceled due to rain, possilbly they'll have one next week. Palmyra has a nice show 9/13 I'm planning on being in.

    having trouble with the photo, it should be in my profile though!
    Oh, there it is!:rlaugh:
  11. There's a Mustang Club in Holley NY. I'm an East-Sider (Ontario) so I can't go there. :) I'm a member of the Syracuse Shelby Mustang Club. I try to get out once a week during the summer in my '67 Fastback. I've been to the Log Cabin, Grankofski's (on 104), Sammy's Ice Cream, Marion Car Show, Fair Haven Show. Summer '08 was my first year out after a 14 year restoration. Look for the silver '67 in the summer of '09.