rocker install help please

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by tvmango, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. I have a used set of svo 1.6 rockers and twisted wedge heads I bought as a set. My ? is being fairly new to pushrod motors, I took out the rockers and set them onto the studs, the bottom of the rockers seem to rub a bit on the nut portion of the studs and the rocker tip doesn't cover the valve stem much, is this normal?
    There a slight wear marks in the bottom of the rockers, but not on the studs. And I figured the roller tip would cover the valve stem more. All of this is with them not tighted down eather. maybe it would change, but I didn't want to tighten them without asking you guys first,, thanks
  2. please. please...
  3. I guess everone is still sleeping,, shhhhh
  4. come on guys, 90% of you have replaced rockers in your cars..
  5. Tighten them down onto the studs first and see what your problem is. The roller tip wont contact the valve stem without any pressure on it. Set the cylinder to TDC and then tighten the rocker down, and see if theres still a problem. I used to always go 3/4 turn and that seemed to work really well, to noisey at 1/2 turn for me.
  6. Ive never delt with stud mounts before,They don't rub like i said they were with the pushrods in there, I'm such a dumbass with these motors.. They are just supposed to float on the stud with nothing under them? I put them on today, I installed the rods, put the rockers on the studs and rods, and the float, then if I install the nuts, they only will tighten down so far because they have allen head locks in them, i just don't know how to tighten them properly with a good valve clearance and can't find any derections anywhere.....
  7. First of all loosen the locking allen nut on your rocker arm nuts get your rockers laying down on the studs and when the cylinder is at TDC you can then set the lash. One hand on the pushrod twist it in your hand while tightening the rocker arm nut, once the pushrod starts to hang up with your hand then go 3/4 turn past that and then tighten your locking allen nut. Then follow your firing order and set your lash on every cylinder. I think its either 1/4 or 1/2 turn with a wrench on your crank until your next cylinder is at TDC. I dont remember, Im getting old and forgetful.
  8. again thank you
  9. It has to be at TDC on the compression stroke; TDC at the end of the exhaust stroke/beginning of intake will have both valves slightly open -- you don't want to install them with the cam in a position where the valves are open.