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Increasing octane using Toluene or Xylene

  1. You guys all know @jrichker , right? He often comes up with (through his own studious pursuits) some of the best tech articles on the planet. This is a topic that I've researched probably half a dozen times. By researched, I mean that I've tooled around various sources when I thought about it until being interrupted by the latest episode of, "The Walking Dead" or whatever.

    This one article contains even more than what I've come to know about the topic in one easy document and explains it very well:

    Thanks for sharing this JR! :nice:

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    Rocket fuel FAQ Copyright ã 1999,2000 by Eliot Lim - Increasing octane using Toluene or Xylene

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  2. All very interesting. If I had a supercharged/turbocharged street driver I would try that stuff. As it is I have access to a fuel station that sells non-ethanol gasoline, basically gas the way gas used to be before emissions regulation required the use of 10% ethanol added to pump gas. The change in the way the car runs is very noticeable. I get better mpg, better throttle response and much better power at WOT. It does cost more per gallon, but I believe it is worth the added cost. I don't think that my lightly modded 08' Bullitt would really see a benefit with the use of "rocket fuel". But then again, maybe one of these days I will try it anyway.

  3. I agree with you about lightly modded street motors. I think where this comes into play would be areas where fuel choices are slim or where the build dictates higher octane pump fuel. There's a huge difference between high octane pump gas and race fuel. I come across people on a fairly regular basis that think race fuel is simply pump gas with a very high octane rating. It's simply not the case.
  4. Interesting. The thing that jumped out at me was the mention of a 5 cylinder in an Audi. I thouhgt my beloved Volvo was the only 5 cylinder out there until I did a google search! Wonder how my 19 psi rocket will like that fuel??