rockford buffer polisher

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  1. I bought a rockford cordless polisher/buffer tonight at walmart.
    It was about 35$. I didnt want to buy an expensive orbital. but once I opened it the manual said it was only used to *apply* chemicals, waxes, etc. not buff them off. DO all buffers say this or should I take it back?
    Does anyone have any cheap suggestions for buffers to use on my car after a waxing? Even if I take of the wax first and just use it to buff up a shine
  2. All afforbale buffers say that, If you want to use it to remove product you just have to buy extra bonnets to use. Use make sure they are always clean, if you continue to reuse them without cleaning the will cake up. Then you're just rubbing hard pebbled wax on your paint.
  3. I guess I dont have much choice then do I but get a good one. Do their bonnets wash out? I just finished putting meg nxt generatin wax on my car and it looks pretty good in my dark garage at 1 in the morning. I'll take that POS back to wal mart tomorrow. I cant even figure out how to fit it in its carrying case
    Are the orbitals at autozone as good as the ones online
  4. You can wash the bonnets no problem, you just have to wash them with no other laundry or the wax will attach itself to you clothes. If you are not ready to spend the money it take's to set up a buffer keep what you have. A Porter Cable 7424 will run you about $120+shipping (if you have a Lowes they carry them for just under $100). Then you need to buy pads average about $10 each. It's not cheap but you can acheive results better then the average person.