Rockford Fostgate 12" Sub Enclosure now $550

Discussion in 'Vendor Sponsor Forums' started by cdcsource, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. After extensive feedback from you guys we've lowered the price on our Rockford Fostgate 12" sub enclosure add-on for the Shaker 500 system. Its now $550! The Rockford Fosgate Punch Upgrade is a Mustang-specific subwoofer enclosure molded to fit the contours of the Mustang coupe and convertible trunk perfectly. Legendary Rockford Fosgate PUNCH 12"long-throw subwoofer and 150W MOSFET amplifier are matched to work optimally with the enclosure. Don’t let the 150W power rating fool you – this is a true RMS power rating, not some “peak” power rating as advertised by the OEM system. This is NOT just a speaker and amplifier crammed into a generic box; Rockford spent months tuning this combination (with Punch Equalization) to blend smoothly with the existing Shaker 500 stereo system. As a result, when you want this subwoofer to be nice and subtle, it will be. When you want to rattle your mirrors, it will do so with ease. This system is COMPLETELY plug-and-play. All wiring and brackets are included; NO cutting of factory wiring or drilling is required. If you are not handy with wiring, fear not. The harness included with this system has been pre-assembled, including a “T-Harness” that plugs directly into your factory Shaker 500 amplifier. It could not get any easier to add great-sounding bass to your vehicle!! Please call 866-624-7997 and ask to talk to Colby if you're interested in ordering. If you want to see any photos check out
  2. Thank you for listening. Now that's a decent price. I will probably pick one up early spring, if not sooner. :nice: