Rocks sticking to tires and Chipping Paint

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by pizzadel1, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. I have a 2011 gt500 with just 2700 miles on it and I already have chips in my paint behind both tire. Im pretty sure its from rocks sticking to my tires and being thrown up at the paint. Would this be covered under waranty ? it seems like a defect to me I can just imagine how chipped up the paint will be after 10,000 miles ? What should I do??
  2. Highly highly doubt it would be under warranty. That is the price you pay for driving the car. That is why I dont drive in rain. Moisture makes the rocks stick extra good to the tires and flings against the paint.

    My only suggestion is mudfllaps...they make them for our cars, and pretty sure they are not made for when we go mud bogging. Its for this exact reason you speak of.

    Best $80 you'll spend. was the first thing I put on my car. And I have 0 rock chips...let alone I only have 4,000 miles.

    Here is mine,
  3. My car has the same problem, I took it back to the dealer and even called Ford. They wouldn't do anything. I'm pretty disappointed by it, my last Mustang didn't chip up like this and neither has my 17 year old F150 that's lifted and been driven every winter.

    Mine is even chipped up in front of the rear tires from the front tires, this all happened within 10,000 miles.
  4. Nice Car!Those mud flaps dont look bad at all! Mine has the mud flaps in the back and there arnt any chips back there but Where do I get mud flaps for the front?
  5. you might want to consider 3M clear paint protection film.
  6. If it is that bad, do like Wind-Farmer says and just get flaps to protect the panels. Outside of that or the 3M protective film, I don't know what other choice you have.
  7. My GT 500 came with flaps for the back and I have the SVTPP option.
  8. I haven't noticed any large chips on my 2012 GT500 but I did notice that the front tires do kick up dirt and grime from the road and it has sprayed across my doors so it is a matter of time. These tires are sticky and wide! but DAMN do I love this car!
  9. I have not expieranced that yet but I just the car a week ago. I love mine too ! :nice: