Suspension rod ends (hiem joints) on both ends of rear links?

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  1. New to Mustangs and I'm helping a friend with some projects on is S197. I've been looking at the rear lower control arms and panhard rods that are out in the aftermarket. I notice that many of the retailers out there offer both Street, with a rod end on one side and a conventional bushing on the other side, and Race, with rod ends on both sides.

    What's the reason for the two? Would the Race style with two rod ends be unsuitable or dangerous for the street?
    I have a 93 Corvette that I converted to a rod end suspension a number of years ago and it drives quite well on the street. Now I realize that the fact it has a multi-link IRS makes it quite a different animal but despite my looking I haven't found any info on why to choose rod end & bushing over rod end & rod end.

  2. Heim joints at both ends add a lot of NVH, and not that much additional benefit for a primarily street driven car (not that the benefit is not there, just that you won't necessarily realize it/need it in 99% of street situations). If you're building a car that the owner doesn't mind making lots of squeaks and noises, transfer more vibration and bump into the cabin, then there's no reason not to do Heims on both ends. It's not dangerous, just a little more than most folks want to put up with on a street car.
  3. If this a street driven car I'd bypass the heim joints all together.
  4. As has already been mentioned, rod ends work quite well on the street, they're just noisier. I have rod ends on one of my Mustangs and poly bushings on my other Mustang. It all depends on what you want.
  5. Rod ends are noisier. Much noisier. Even the ones with rod ends on one side only. The poly bushing on one end helps a little but it is still noisier it makes a metallic clunking sound going over speed bumps and potholes. Very rough. Poly on both ends is not much different than stock and the best way to go if you are street driven only