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  1. i have a 2000 gt with 55000 miles on it and i got a bad rod knock. i talked to some guy and he said it was the year of the engine of the modular v8 and thats why they discontiued them. The point is from what i understand its a lot of work to fix the problem because u have to pull out the crank and stuff, and i was told its almost easier to put a new engine in it. not sure what to do????? Please help... thanks
  2. First get a second opinion on what is actually wrong with your car.

    The guy you quote does not know jack shiot :notnice:

  3. x2... That guy sounds clueless. They never discontinued the 4.6, they are still using them in current Mustangs, F-150's, Explorers, Crown Vics, and so on.

    And whats the actual problem with the car? There are a few things that knock that I would check out before tearing into the engine, specially if you dont really know whats going on.
  4. +3 that guy is clueless about it i agree with killy, and that the motor is still being used, also it can something else so have diagnosed by a real tech
  5. spun a bearing
  6. Gentlemen i think what he means is discontinuing the Windsor 4.6L in the Mustang and going to the romeo. In which case it could be true but i don't know that for a fact. My 4.6L Windsor from a 00GT spun a bearing as well with 77K so it could be possible.
  7. he said i got a rod bearing going out but, he said they changed something in the enging in like 02 because of the problem, my fault, so if i did spin a rod bearing what are my choices????
  8. May I ask what preceded the on-set of the knock? Sustained high RPM use, by chance?
  9. So you guys are saying the Windsor 4.6's are more prone to spun bearings for some reason?
  10. i had a rod knocking in my original motor at right around 50k. probably a coincidence w/ us both having 00 GT's but yeah i had to get a new motor dropped in. hopefully thats not the case w/ you, but if it is spend the extra money for a stroker or a better motor! ive regretted it ever since!
  11. First it started knocking at about 2600 rpms, and now its about at 2200 and its getting louder
  12. Have you checked the oil level? Anyway, I see a new engine in your near future...
  13. oil is good
  14. my car would knock at idle on up getting louder as the rpms increased. id say take it to a shop ASAP even just to get it checked because my car started dying on me a lot and all my lights started coming on, but luckily i made it to a shop in time before she died for good.

  15. Most of the time the cause of motor failure is infrequent oil changes/ running low on oil
  16. ive seen many bearings spun in 99-00 gt around here. like 3 or 4 in the last year. the guy is not an idiot, and also not a mustang enthusiast.
  17. Nope it's not always consistant with rpms
  18. The reason I asked is because it's a known "problem" that at high RPM the timing chain for the passenger side can carry oil up into that head at such a rate, and oil-drainback is so slow, that you can literally empty the pan into the heads leaving the sump low enough that you can starve the mains.

    So when we hear of another spun rod bearing I always wonder "Was the engine running at high RPM for a while?" The problem is exacerbated if the oil level was low to begin with...
  19. the Mustangs originally had Romeo's. they switched to Windsors when there was a fire at the engine plant. once the Romeo building was repaired, they switched back to the Romeo's. the Windsor's are essentially truck blocks originally meant for F150's. there were no quality reasons associated with the changes.