roller cam conversion

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  1. ok i have a 351w that i want to switch out the flat tappet cam for a roller.i was looking on comp cams website for a roller conversion kit but the cam options listed all say not for efi. or computer compatable -no. its one of there street/strip extreme energy cams im sure some of you guys are running these in efi controlled cars right?
  2. As long as you're running a MAF system you will should be okay.
  3. Yes i have a mass air you guys think 30lb injectors are to much for a 357w
  4. No 30 lb injectors are fine as long as you get a MAF sensor calibrated for the 30 lb injectors.
  5. Worst case, if you choose some totally outlandish cam you will just need the car to be tuned, no biggie..