Engine Roller Lifter Replace

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  1. So, in about 2-3 weeks I plan on replacing all the lifters in my car. I hear what sounds to me to be a lifter tick. I had a bad lifter in my previous fox body and the sound was the same. I realize that there is a chance (even if relatively small) that the sound could be a rocker arm out of adjustment, but I cannot diagnose that without pulling the thing apart anyway.

    When I go to replace the lifters I will also be replacing sensors & hoses simply because they have age on them (I'll also be cleaning everything throughly as a labor of love). I have never personally replaced lifters before. I'm especially concerned about removing & re-installing the distributor correctly, as well as adjusting the valve train properly. I've taken off intakes several times before, so no big deal there.

    By the way, I have GT40 heads (I believe they are y303, but I'll find out for sure with the valve covers off). I have a Haynes manual and all, but I would really appreciate input from the forum brain trust. What sayeth you fine sirs?
  2. Pull the intake upper plenum , remove valve covers and inspect rockers. You will need to turn the motor a couple of times to take the load off the pushrod. If you are really dying to pull your lower intake off then go for it i suppose.... but pulling the intake lower plenum has never been a "might was well because i was in the valve covers already" kinda job. I would only pull the intake lower if i couldn't find any slop in the valve train.

  3. Chris,

    Thank you so much for your input. I'm not dying to pull anything off -haha. So, is your intent with the instructions you provided meant to tell me how to inspect lifter functionality?
  4. I mean to check the rockers first....If something is loose in the valve train then fix it. If nothing looks broken or loose then remove the lower intake and dig deeper
  5. Good advice. Will do. So then, I'm basicaly checking for something that is obviously broken, or maladjusted (e.g. valve lash). Is that correct?

    Also, is it possible to bring the motor to TDC with the crank pully still attached?
  6. You can turn the motor by the big center bolt. Removing the serpentine belt and spark plugs will make turning the motor much easier.

    Or i unplug the coil and crank the motor for a second.

    You cant just bring the motor to TDC. There will be load on some rockers at any given point threw the engine rotation. So i usually turn the motor with the valve covers off watching for which rockers don't have load on them. (you should be able to spin the push rod by hand)

    Use a marker to mark the rockers you checked.