WTB/Trade Roller Or?

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Jan 24, 2001
Charles Town WV.
Looking for a new edge roller prefer a v8 but a super nice six car may work looking for a real nice body to do a coyote swap in or a coyote swap that someone ran out of money on or burned out on. Would also buy a running car if it is swapped already and the price is right not gone to spend 15g on a stock swap beat car I don't care what you have in it money wise. Cars with a roll cage are a plus and a up sale to me if done right and the welds look good. No fuel cells or tubbed cars at all. Will put out the money for the right car. but I am not gone to spend 20g on A roller either I am looking for more of a street car then a race car must have interior also. I am a bit picky about something I am gone to buy and know what I am looking at been in the automotive field all my life bodyshop. Also no r titles or wrecked up junk now or before. Closer the better I am in the Eastern panhandle of WV
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