Rolling And Rocking.

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  1. Hi All:
    My '05 4.6 is ticking and most likely needs new valve lash adjusters. Should I replace the roller-rockers too?
    Should I put new roller rockers against an old cam? Any clues would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. Did you check the oil level recently? What oil are you using?
    Insufficient oil or the wrong viscosity of oil could cause the symptoms you've described.
  3. Thanks for your reply, Bullitt. I'm pretty religious about maintaining the oil. 5W20, no more than 1/2 quart low at any time. Loud tick isn't localized to left or right side.
  4. Pull the adjusters and check how much play are in them with a dial indicator. I can't remember the limits off the top of my head, but it should be an eighth or a quarter inch. I'll check my manual later today.
  5. Thanks, TimJimmy:
    I'm actually replacing the adjusters, and chains because it has 158,000 miles. I have all the parts. I bought roller rockers too. The big question is can I put the new roller rockers in against the old cam?
  6. Yes. Roller rockers, followers, etc are function much different than flat tappets. Whereas flat tappets have a "break-in" period during which the lobe of the camshaft and hydraulic lifter wear each other down and harden, rollers simply act like a bearing. All that friction and wear is eliminated. Unless you can see visible damage or wear to the old cams and followers, it will work fine. If you'd like, I have a pair of cams off my '06 I'd be willing to part with. They had about 40,000 when I swapped them out.
  7. You're the king, TimJimmy. I suspected that was true, and thanks for the advice. I'll ponder the cams. What else have you done to the '06?
  8. Sure thing. It has ported heads, Detroit Rockers, FRPP manifold and throttle body C&L Racer intake, Brenspeed tune, Kooks long tubes with Pypes exhaust (I may switch back to Magnaflows), a Performance Automatic 3,000 RPM torque converter, Shelby rims, lowered 2", and a chin spoiler.
  9. Hey, TimJimmy:
    How does the Kooks/Pypes set-up sound in the car?
    My stock car sounds better than Corvette, Viper, and most italian supercars.
    A 911 might sound marginally better.

    Please advise.
    Thanks, TimJimmy
  10. Keep in mind it has the aftermarket cams, but at idle it's deep and fairly loud, light throttle is smooth and even and a bit louder, cruise quiets down a bit but has some drone over 2200, and wide open gets a bit higher pitched and absolutely screams. At idle, most people compare it to an old muscle car.