Rolling Wheel Wells - Post Up Your Stance Pics!

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  1. So I'm close to tossing paint on my fox. Last night I was looking at the wheel wells and their need to be rolled. If I do it, I'll get a roller. My main concern is the roller reshaping the quarter panel. Anyone have experience with these?

    I've also wondered if I should change my wheel/tire choice and just leave it alone.
  2. It's not tough. Just don't go ape on it. Cool part is that you're painting it so you don't have to worry about paint crack. THAT is the hardest part.
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  3. My main worry is, my outer wheel well has a little bit of body filler in it. Didn't want to crack and have to start over
  4. Suck way more if you changed your mind AFTER it was painted.
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  5. Maybe I should rephrase my question, is there any reason not to go ahead and do it now.
  6. Nah Bill, no reason not to at all. Worst case scenario, you might have to straighten around the wheel opening.

    You'll be glad you did it.
  7. Well, I am a little different. I am not a fan of rolling the wheel wells personally. But that's just me. With the proper axles and backspacing there is no reason to roll the lips unless you are putting HUGE tires on the back. I have pretty wide tires on the back, 275/40/17 with fox length 5 lug axles and no rolled lip and absolutely no rubbing or clearance issues.
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  8. Too roll or not to roll o_O
  9. I'm currently fox length outback with 285 rears ( came with the wheels) and plan to drop to a 275 later. Just trying to be safe.

    Figure $40 for a roller is cheap and easy
  10. I bought the cheap $40 eBay, Eastwood knockoff. It worked well enough. Do it now before you paint the car.

  11. I do agree that if your mind is set on doing it now is the time before you paint. It's just a personal thing with me that I find the rolled fenders something you can't least not easily. So, if it didn't turn out the way you're stuck.
  12. I see it as a"what have you got to lose?" if you do it now. Who cares how many other cars run what they run and get away with it? That'll all change the day you decide to run a set of ** insert size** tires, mounted to the wheel you've always wanted w/ a "Never fit in a million years" BS/Offset, that was just too good of a deal to pass up.

    If you wait until after you've painted, then the whole paint job on the fender/quarter becomes an issue. Better to try and fix it now when it's only body work, then after, when it's bodywork and new paint.

    Show me another Fairmont that can get away w/ this ride height,...and you'll find another example of a Fairmont w/ flattened inner wheel lips.

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  13. To the group: is rolling them preferable to using a dremel?
  14. I would think rolling them would be the preferred method, you keep the spot welds that attache the inner to the outer, shaving would require rewelding correct?
  15. I think he's talking about the guys who cut it where inch or so and pound it up. I hate that idea. I'd go back to stock wheels before cutting on it.
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  16. There is a lot of " give" w/o having to cut reliefs into the inner lip when somebody (me) decides to start smacking the inner lip w/a 2 lb sledge. It just takes patience, backing up the shiny side w/ some sort of sand bag/ shot bag, and doing it gradually. Ultimately, the only part that needs to be flattened is the top part of the lip where tire sidewall contact starts to come into play. Since my car is the only one where anybody offered up a "stance pic" I'll point out that you can see the flattening start to get more serious at about the 10 o clock/2 o clock in the arch of the openings.

    To each their own though,..personally I'd take a flattened inner lip that can't be seen too obviously to a giant bite mark out of the tire sidewall that would be visible after the fact any day.
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  17. I ordered the roller. I'll post once it's here and I start the process. This way I can fix any chips or cracks that may happen and get a good primer behind the lip as well.
  18. PM me when it's done if you want to un-load the tool.

    Lost mine somewhere in a move and never ordered another.
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  19. link to the tool you ordered?