Rolling Wheel Wells - Post Up Your Stance Pics!

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  1. Just search fender roller on eBay. It's the Eastwood one without the logo and upcharge.

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  2. I have the same one, it works well.
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  3. I'm against rolling, but only because it's one of those things you can't undo easily. I just prefer to avoid it if I can
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  4. Cool. Thank you!
  5. The tool came in last night. It's pretty heavy duty for only $40. I'll get some pics along with some progress pics tonight.
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  6. Don't forget to heat the fenders lightly with a heat gun. Helps.
  7. Even when I'm pre paint?
  8. Yep heat it up before you do it as it helps with the bending. Hell I heat up the ol lady before I use her too She bends more easily :nice:
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  9. My advice is go slow- do not force the roller and do not rush it. You will need to make several passes
    No you dont need to heat the fender if you are going to sanding the paint down and repainting, but know if you dont use a hair dryer or heat gun chances are it will crack. The heat also makes the fender a little more pliable and easier to roll back
    The rear fenders are harder/thicker than the fronts IMO
    You can also use a small dead hammer to lightly knock down some of the edges/lips and also the inner rear fender well for clearance
    I would also mount the tire/wheel and get the car at right heght and check the clearance as you go
    Eastwood has a good video on how to do it
  10. Ok. Started the drivers side. Spent about an hour on it. About half of that was figuring out the tool. It came disassembled and with no instructions. Took me a few tries to figure where the big cotter pin went. But the tool worked really well.... so well that I didn't think it was working at first. It rolls the lip without any movement in the quarter panel at all. I'll work it a little more but so far I'm impressed for the $39 I spent. Good thing I needed one more pass of primer.

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  11. The first pic, the paint stick is in the middle of the lip, the last it passes completely by it.
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  12. I'm really happy with it. I did it with a hammer once and it looked like trash. This looks like it was made this way. I'll post more pics once I do the other side.
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