Ron Morris Dropped Motor Mounts

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by dennis112, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Ron Morris Dropped Motor Mounts for sale. New, never installed and just collecting dust in the garage. I never even tightened the locknuts. Won't work with my oversized 1 3/4" Accufab large tube headers on a 351w in a tiny 65' engine bay.

    From the RMP website
    "These RMP Motor Mounts are adjustable from front to rear and side to side. 3.5" of front to rear adjustment and 1" of side to side adjustment. 1/2" drop. This can aid the installation of headers and transmission swaps. Cannot separate due to thru-bolt design. Durable poly urethane bushings isolate engine vibrations, yet stand up to the torque of your high performance stroker. Zinc plated steel

    Applications, 1965-70 Mustangs & 1967-70 Cougars with small block engines, 289, 302, 351W & 351C. Will fit Falcons Too. "

    Includes all instructions, bolts, brackets--everything that came in the box. These cost $225 new plus shipping.

    Will let got for $215 and I'll pay the shipping in the US. I accept either USPS MO or Paypal.


  2. Man those are so tempting. The price is just out of reach though. Let me know if you'd be willing to go lower.

  3. now they can move the engine side to side as well as forward and backwards you're saying? Is there a way to not lose the height? I am thinking about scooping these up but am not sure if I can afford to go lower engine with the header clearance issues I'm already having. Although I can always make room.
  4. Yes, you can move the motor side to side AND forward or back. The 1/2" drop is the way that I ordered them for hood clearance and that cannot be directly changed.
  5. SOLD!!!!!!!!!
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