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  1. I just got a 65 mustang that has been sitting in a Phoenix warehouse, covered, for ten years. It was fully restored, ten years ago. but now it doesn't start. I changed the plugs and battery and put gas in it. I squirted a "starter" fluid in the carburetor and it turned over no problem. I tried many times with the same results. I think it's a fuel system problem. Any suggestions?
  2. Did it try to fire at all? If you use starter fluid, or poor a little gas down the carb., hold the gas pedal all the way down, and crank, you should get some hint of life. If you try this a few times and get nothing, I would look to make sure you are getting spark before I worried about fuel. If it does fire a little with the gas you poured, or the starter fluid, then the ignition would seem to be OK for now and the problem would probably be in the fuel delivery.
    After 10 years, all the gas in the carb, lines, pump, and tank has probably turned to varnish. They will all need cleaned before it will run worry free, or maybe at all.
  3. Agreed, if you confirm spark, then check fuel, possibly a bad fuel pump.
  4. poor a little fuel down the carb.. try to start it. pull the cap off the distributor. make sure the contacts are not completely corroded.