root beer paint

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  1. anybody got any pics of any cars that are this color?
  2. Mmmmm Frostie !I have seen a few cars in Root Beer . Looks bad ax . Better on an older car such as yours . Meaning not a new four door mom and pop car with hubcaps .


    Go for it before my car is ready for paint .
  3. Wow , way old thread . I forgot I was stating from the older threads .

  4. @madmike1157, this color would fit the Futura very nicely!
  5. Whaaa??? :shrug:

    Too late.
    My wife is Irish.
    Her fav color is of course emerald green.
    I have never had a car in that color,....and
    I told her that I was gonna do it in that color.

    See the rub?
  6. Ford Fairmont Futura if that's your "Whaaa??? :shrug:" question . I'm sure you knew that .

  7. An exhaustive search has been conducted in order to locate and procure said, Emerald Green. I nearly completed an entire cup of coffee before finally discovering its hidden location.

    Fortunately for you, I was able to find a set of relatively simple instructions for you to follow in order to be able to obtain this specific supply component for your build.

    I have it on good authority that though these instructions will take you to the source of this Emerald Green, that there may be additional obstacles in the way of actual procurement.

    I wish you the best of luck. :)

  8. Mustangs look very good in Emerald Green especially with white interiors .
  9. i have painted root beer brown and it is a sun over beach to paint.
    but it is gorgeous if it turns screw up and you start all over again. i painted a 64 nova twice.
  10. i've painted a few things brown, but i assure you, you didn't want to see it :D
  11. Love the color as well as cinnamon but it's good to know about the difficulty level to get it right . Not that I'll be the one who is doing the actual painting .

    Horse sense , when you said sun over beach it made me thing only of good weather !
  12. it may have been good weather .but it wasn't fun painting.