Forced Induction Roots Style Supercharger Push Rod 5.0

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  1. Hi i am wondering if anyone has attempted to do a custom intake base and install a new age roots style charger on the 5.0. I know kenne bell used to have one but i was thinking of trying to get creative with the help of a machine shop of course. just wondering if anyone knows of this being attempted yet. with that said there so popular on the newer 2 and 4 valve engines i'm suprised that some one hasn't made a kit for this
  2. Here are a couple pics from other peoples setups and one of a KB setup.
    Kenne Bell

    Custom setup 1 (Cleanest in my opinion)

    Custom setup 2
  3. The first Custom setup is definitely a neat idea. Wonder how long it took to get that right. Would look real nice with either a powdercoat or polish on the unit and bracket.
  4. anyone know who's car is the custom set up #2. that is what i was thinking of doing set right center on top
  5. also any kind of performance numbers how the 5.0 took to it. in comparison to just the same old centrifugal set up. very curious
  6. Why not just get the kenne bell kit?
  7. Yeah, there was a whole thread on this guy who was making custom intakes for Eaton superchargers on 5.0s. The guy is selling them as a kit. Honestly it's a bit ghetto. He had to use a retarded bearing plate to mount the snout. It also is so high it takes an enormous hood to clear it, and the belt routing is not the best either. You can search for the thread.

  8. does k.b. even sell that kit anymore. I was just looking to do something different but maybe it might not be worth it with the hood issues. not a fan of a very large cowl.
  9. different means difficulty and sacrifices. and personally i think the KB blowers just look ugly on 5.0s
  10. Yes they sell them, on their website only. 3k for the whole kit and I believe it comes with a 6lb pulley set up. It's the 2.2 blowzilla. PD Blowers create a lot of heat though, one of the reasons I decided on getting a centri. Sure everyone has it, but that's because it works. IMO there is a reason not many people run PD blowers on the 5.0's. If you have questions though look for a guy on here named "Bullitt347", his buddy has the quickest KB 5.0 in the world (he's on here as well but I can't remember his name). I spoke with them when I was curious about the KB. Good luck.
  11. Here is another option: He fabricates intake adapters for Eaton 112's so you can bolt one right onto your 5.0. This would be a pretty cheap way to get into a blower.
  12. After further investigation, it looks like that the M112 adapter kit has been giving people problems because of poor fabrication and fitment issues.
  13. I just can't see the point of it. By the time you find an M112, get that kit, rig it all up to fit, then buy and and paint and enormous hood it will end up costing more than the KB which is better in every way.

  14. the KB is the better option then trying to get one of those Fab kits that still dont seem to work that well. And Id take a Vortech S - Trim over the KB on a 5.0. Plus they are dirt cheap.
  15. Yeah I definately agree on getting a centrifugal; they are way more efficient. But if you have your heart set on a positive displacement setup my point was that I hardly thing those fab kits are worth it.

  16. no I dont think they are either. If there was a better way to do it KB would have set it up that way to begin with. I understand why people did it, kind of like a DIY Turbo set up but for the best form, function and fitment its hard to beat the big companys who have been doing it a lot longer and actually have an R&D department lol
  17. thanks for the input. sounds like i might just look at a good old cetrifi which i have had in the past or maybe a good turbo kit. not a fan of a big cowl anyway.