Rostisserie Restoration

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  1. Im building a rotisserie in my metals class, anyways I wrote down a bunch of dimensions that looked good on paper, but now that it is built Im curious if it is tall enough for an MII, right now without the 4" casters on it stands about 4'5" Anyone know if a rotisserie about 4'9" will be tall enough for my 76 Mach 1? Any help would be great. Also has anyone rotisserie restored an MII? Thanks,


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  2. actually the rotisseire was measured at 5' with the castors on, anyone want to throw out a wild guess if this is tall enough?

  3. Chris,

    Sounds like it should work with plenty to spare. The Mustang II is around 5'9" wide and about 50" tall. Since the rotisserie is going to be mounted in the middle (from drivers to passenger side), you should clear the ground with the car tilted sideways by about 23", flipped upside down, I'm guessing you should still have at least a foot of clearance :shrug:

    Is it too tall? I'm guessing you will be mounting it at the frame stubs in the front and the leaf mounts at the rear? I'd rather have 1" of clearance than 2'...a lot more stable :)

    Sounds like a great idea, wish I had my car on one right now.

  4. Actually it will be mounting to the bumper brackets. The car will be completly stripped so weight shoudn't be an issue. I dont think it should be too tall, but I guess we'll see. I should have it done at the end January, my shop teacher is going to even fork lift it on the rotisserie. So I'll get some pictures of the car on it asap.