Expired Rotisserie Restored 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Coupe Kingsburg, Ca

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California Stang

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Dec 19, 2015
I have decided to sell my 1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe. This car was stripped down to a bare shell and was placed on a rotisserie. The shell was glass beaded and all rusty/corroded metal was replaced. This car has new front valence, new hood, two new fenders, two new quarter panels, a new tail panel, new floor pans, trunk floor pans, new deck lid, new rear valence. The only metal that is not new is the top, instrument panel, shock towers/engine compartment, and doors. I converted this car to Pony upholstery and did not want to cut holes in my doors for the courtesy lights so I found a good set of used Pony doors. The undercarriage was brushed with black undercoating for protection. This car has absolutely zero rust. While on the rotisserie, I installed convertible torque boxes in the unibody to prevent the body from tweaking and to increase handling. Because of the torque boxes, convertible carpet and kick panels were installed. All hardware in the entire car was taken off and sent to the plater to be zinc plated.

For the suspension, I installed all brand new parts. It has the negative wedge camber kit, which raises the lower A arms and lowers the front end. New progressive coil springs were installed, new KYB shocks, 1" front sway bar and 3/4" rear sway bar installed. It has all premium bushings installed. It has a Shelby quick steer kit installed which will not allow for power steering. It has disc brakes up front with rear drum. It has the large sump master cylinder. It has a 9" rear end with 3.25 traction Lock pumpkin, mated to 28 spline axles. It has custom built under rider traction bars to keep the rear end from wrapping up. It has 5 leaf rear springs with reverse eye shackles. This car sits at the perfect height to make it look good. It does not have a rake to it. It looks like it was lowered but it has the perfect suspension/tire combo. It has the best suspension parts that were available at the time of being restored. It handles like it is on rails and is a blast to derive in the mountains or on a curvy road. It is extremely stable at high speeds. The suspension in this car allows it to hook up. It has 15x7 American Racing Torque Thrust D wheels with billet aluminum Cobra hubcaps with Bridgestone Turanza P205/55/R15 tires. The tires fill the wheel wells evenly. You can see the top of the tires completely in the wheel wells.

the engine was overhauled in the very early 90s. It is a 289 with 5.0 fuel injection. It currently has the 19 lb/hr injectors on it with the Cobra mass air flow sensor. It is a complete roller engine(roller cam, roller lifters, roller rockers). It has valve cover extensions that fit between the top of the heads and the valve cover so I could run the Cobra valve covers with roller rockers. At the time, the very best heads on the market were the Ford GT-40 cast iron heads, the aluminum heads were not on the market yet for street cars. This car has the cast iron GT-40 heads that were ported and polished. It has a Crane cam in it. All of the common after market speed parts were installed inside this motor. It is pump gas friendly. It has underdrive billet pullies installed and basically all aftermarket bolt on 5.0 litre performance enhancements were installed except supercharger. It has an MSD 6AL ignition system installed and a Griffin aluminum radiator. It is the largest radiator I could put in this car to prevent overheating. There was no expense spared on this motor. I installed a 110 litre/hr fuel pump inside the gas tank for ease of fuel delivery. To do this, I modified a brand new fuel tank to accept the fuel pump, then built a false floor over the tank so the floor is not the top of the gas tank. I custom bent two sets of stainless fuel lines for this car...one from the fuel tank to the engine and a return line from the engine back to the fuel tank. This motor does not starve for fuel., even with 19 lb/hr injectors. The exhaust is custom built from the JBA shorty headers back to the GT trumpets going thru the rear valence. it has the H pipe installed. It has Flowmaster mufflers installed and when going thru the gears, it sounds like a Winston Cup race car. This car cruises at 3000 RPM at 70 MPH due to the gearing. Blink your eyes and you just passed thru 80 effortlessly. At the time this motor was built, JBA Speed Shop told us that they were building similar engines and were dynoing out at a conservative 330 HP. I have not put this car on a chassis dyno. The transmission is a Borg Warner T-10 4 speed with Hurst shifter and linkage.

I converted this interior to deluxe pony interior. it is all black with black carpet and headliner. I did not like the horizontal speedometer and idiot lights that came in 1964-1965 so I changed the cluster to 1966 cluster and installed 2" Auto Meter gauges inside the original bezel. All gauges are auto Meter except the speedometer and tach. I installed an original Rally Pack package which includes the 8000 RPM tachometer. It has a wood Le Carra steering wheel. I have the GT Fog Lamp switch installed in the correct location but do not have the fog lamps installed. This car has the GT grill installed but I did not install the horse and corralle. I opted for the plain look. All wiring and all harnesses for this car is brand new, including the wiring harness for the motor. The computer module to power the engine is for a 1991 Mustang GT, which I purchased directly from Ford Motorsport. I did not want to install the computer in the glove compartment so I installed the computer on the inside of the dash between the ash tray and the area of the heater box. This keeps the glove box available for use. It has an AM/FM stereo cassette player that fits in the original hole with 6x9 speakers behind the back seat and 6" speakers in the front kick panels with a power antennae.

This car was restored to be driven. It is a restoration that can be driven to the car show, will show very well and yet still be drive home. It is a very respectable restoration. I consistently get thumbs up from fellow travelers when on the road. It is painted in 1966 Silver Frost color and has all trim/chrome pieces removed This car has been truly restored...every system was replaced or rebuilt and works. Current mileage on the odometer is 11,838 since the restoration.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to answer you. Please no tire kickers as I just don't have that kind of time. Serious inquiries only. I am asking $27,500 or best offer.


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