rotors off ebay junk?

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  1. Hi, has any one tried the rotors they sell on ebay? I want to put slotted or drilled rotors on my notch but I don't want to waste money on cheap junk. Its a weekend cruiser that sees a few passes a year...thanks.
  2. I bought a set of drilled and slotted rotors on ebay but havent had a chance to put them on yet. They were like $90 shipped.
  3. Yea, thats why I'm checkin if they're worth a crap. they're like $180 at jegs or summit.
  4. look for a name brand
  5. That means nothing.. .Look at Steeda's website and then look for the same items for 100% less in some cases

    Good advice

  6. That's not always foolproof.

    There are companies that sell Brembo rotors, but they are drilled/slotted by a 3rd party. They buy the Brembo blanks which are cheap, and then send them out to be drilled and sell them at the price of what a factory drilled Brembo costs...minus a few bucks to get you hooked.

    For the most part Ebay rotors = junk.

    The best rotors are OEM rotors.
  7. I cant really imagine the ebay stuff being any worse than parts store junk.
  8. why do you need the slotted or drilled rotors? for the look? you need the surface area for braking power more than the look. MAYBE slotted to disipate heat a little because fox brakes fade quickly but you dont need cross drilled on the average car
  9. still cant beat oem from the parts store. at least they come with a warranty and if you have to return them b/c they failed you can do it in town instead of sending them off.
  10. on an old nova i noticed some guy drilled his own rotors in a slotted fashing, no slots but holes arranged in an looked cool but did it help?

  11. with avg street driving I dont think drilled/slotted rotors will help much if any. what kills rotors is rapid changing of temps or prolonged heat exposure. such as driving through a puddle while they are still hot or dragging your car to a stop at 100+ miles an hour

  12. Nope, and self-drilling your own rotors is dangerous.

    Best rotors for performance and coolint and plain faced solid rotors. Drilled rotors are for race pads which emit gases (not used on street cars) and slotted rotors help clear dust from your brakes which is good with pads which dust a lot. If yohu use OEM pads, they are fairly low-dusting so it defeats the purpose.'