Roush Rough 93 car on ebay

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by S351R"Animal", May 27, 2007.

  1. yep, shes rusting out pretty good. not a good sign!
  2. Looks like its been driven in the salt!!! Rough!
  3. Doesn't look that bad at all to me! lol...

  4. You must need glasses!!!
    That car will take lots of TLC and lots of money, to make it nice.

    Even the aluminum parts under the hood are corroded!

    See Ya Bill
  5. You guys are far too picky! Sure it's not perfect, but it looks damn nice still. Who cares about that little crap...The little things wrong with it means that it's more affordable and you can use the money you saved to make it fast... ;)
  6. There are looking to get around $9K for it.
  7. 9K LOL, if it hasnt fully rusted and withered away by then. that car is nearning the end of its life. the cancer is so strong on the fenders, 1/4 panels & roof. now just imagine the under side of the car w/ rotted floor pans & suspension components, rotted brakes lines & bushings. the best bet would be to try to restore that car starting w/ another chasis.
  8. As usual my biggest concern would be it's missing the original rims, which must of what been the speedlines or the sterns?

    It's really in typical foxbody condition, not great, but not completely horrible.

    At 7K IMO it's past it's max, considering a nice paint job and body work would cost about 3K (at least that's what it is here in NJ). Then only god knows what it's going to cost to get the right rims on there.
    Meaning by the time you are done you have at least a $12,000 car.
    I'd rather just buy one that's not messed up.

    It's also the same seller that marcus said is making a bundle on the fox vert, which probably means he got this one dirt cheap too.
  9. Really sad to see when someone has a car like this and they just don't care. The "1 family owner" (BS) obviously used this as a daily driver, year round. The seats are filthy, which is just one of many indicators that this car has not been cared for. Never mind driving in wintertime and salt in MA?! How about washing and waxing the car once in a while, or vacuuming out the interior?! Honestly, letting the car rust out, and get this dirty, you have to question basic maintenance as well. Was the oil even changed more than a couple of times in 122K? Basic engine service, new plugs wires, air filter, check timing.....? Doubtful, on all counts. I agree with 90SaleenSC, get a decent 93 car, and rebuild/Saleenize the good car. :notnice: :nonono:
  10. It also looks like that nice, shiny black paint job was sprayed right over the rust spots.
    As others have stated, it would take quite a bit of work & $$$ to get it back into a presentable condition; probably more $$$ than it will ever be worth.

  11. I'll 2nd that:nice:

    See Ya Bill
  12. To do it right figure atleast $5K to do the bodywork properly and paint it. That estimate is being conservative! I just sold a set of imposssile to find NOS quarters for that car. The parts are cheap.
  13. Not to say anything about the value of either of the cars he's selling(I personally don't think they're worth that kind of money), but is making a profit on something illegal?

    If I GIVE you a Rolex watch, would you in turn GIVE it to someone else you didn't know, or would you expect them to pay you the $10k, $15k or $20k that the market bears. Since you got it for free you shouldn't make any money on it right? ;)
    A car is only worth what someone will pay for it.

    That said, if this guy is using some shady descriptions, then thats another bag of worms altogether.......

  14. Big difference between making a decent profit and outright gouging a customer. Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware!
  15. Thats the point, as long as I'm not being sold something via deceptive sales tactics, I DON'T CARE WHAT THE SELLER PAID FOR IT. If it has $xxx value does it really matter?

    If I buy a house that I feel is worth $300,000 and only pay $250,000 for it would you be mad at the guy that bought it last week for $50,000 and is now making $200k on me? I wouldn't. I would say "Sheesh, wish I woulda gotten that for $50k, but oh well, I'm still making a good buy....." Thats an extreme case, but do you see the point yet?
  16. Tamez,

    Don't sweat it. We see your point. Most of us on here have seen other cars that have gone through this dealer.

    I think you are preoccupied that it's un American to make a quick profit on a car when obviously it's not ...... most everyone here in the thread are commenting on the obvious condition compared to the description. It only hurts this particular seller more because we have seen the same mis representation before.:D
  17. I'm just making note, i couldn't care less if he turns a profit. If he does more power ro him.
    Hell, i've considered buying things for a $100, that i could sell for $125.
    It's nice to know what someone gets something for, because then we know there is great deals still out there, along with rip offs.
    If marcuse was right (and he probably was) he made 7k on that vert.
  18. makes me glad I found my car in NC for $6500...not perfect, but had everything and was in good enough condition that someone wouldnt be ashamed to drive it. Since the fresh paint and new suspension components...its nearing the end of the "restoring" I figured it needed. And it ended up quite a bit cheaper then I imagined.

    With that being car was in a wreck back in the day where the passenger quarter panel was fubared, and poorly guy did an awesome job on repairing it and shaping it, but there is something else up with that quarter b/c the paint likes to bubble up on it (he says moisture is getting in there from somewhere. Needless to say Im gonna end up dropping another $1500 or so on a new rear quarter + install + paint. At that point I'll end up where I thought I would originally. THe bubbles are minimal and hardly noticable..and I certainly didnt pay or even want a show car type paint job since it was a not overly concerned except if/when I ever sell that car, that part has to be fixed before I get out of it $ wise what its worth.
  19. Its back up for auction on ebay again! I'll bet it doesn't sell for as much!