Roush Rough 93 car on ebay

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by S351R"Animal", May 27, 2007.

  1. Scott.

    That depends on if the price of rust has gone up since last month. lol:D
  2. I forgot that China is paying a premium on rust right now!
  3. Actually, my day care provider's husband just bought this car. On Thursday he was going from MD to IL to pick it up. I will see it whe I pick up my daughter on Monday after work. As long as he is happy with it, it is worth it. Hell, I am happy with a 4cyl auto convert.
  4. Wow! This car must be a POS. My day care provider's husband drove out to Chicago from almost Delaware in a rollback to come back emptyhanded. He refused to accept the car. He said that the carfax on ebay was clean, but when he ran it in person, it came back as being hit before. Lots and lots of rust.
  5. Looks like you guys had this car figured out from the get go.

  6. Hey, we told you so!!!!
    Anybody who's not blind could tell that car was a POS rust bucket!!:notnice:

    See Ya Bill
  7. CarFax is a useful resource when investigating the history of a used vehicle prior to purchase. However, it is just that; e.g. a resource (one of many) that cannot always be trusted to be 100% accurate as I discovered from previous experience both as a seller & buyer.

    The person that eventually purchased by SVT Contour sent me the CarFax report he had received & it appeared to show that it had two owners yet I was the original owner & could prove it via all the documentation I had saved from the day I ordered it from the dealer. But CarFax assumed that since it had been titled in two states, KS & CA, it had two separate owners.

    The CarFax report on my Saleen Cobra was completely clean with no history of accidents &/or repairs. Yet when it arrived & I started fully inspecting it, I discovered evidence of repaired damage to the right rear 1/4 panel & rear Saleen valence. The original selling dealer or owner may have been in an accident & repaired it without reporting it to their respective insurance companies so it wouldn't necessarily appear on a CarFax report.

    Caveat emptor.
  8. my 88 comes back w/ a clean & clear car fax even though i know it was in a previous accident (not reported) & i bought it as a Salvage vehicle/recovered theft. this is 2 different incidents years apart! plain & simple, you cant trust any car fax report. they are useless :)
    also, (for those who like to live dangerously spending alot of money) you MUST see a car in person to make a correct & educated decision on a purchase that you will be paying thousands of dollars for! if not, hey its your money but when stuff goes wrong, theres nobody to blame but yourself because you bought a car, site unseen, no test drive etc... online LOL!
  9. Car Fax isn't fool proof. Alot of incidents never make it there. The 93 that is the main topic of this post is honestly worth about $3500. It doesn't matter that it is all there. When you figure what it would take to completely restore the car you could go out and spend $25K for a nice one and come out cheaper. If you do every bit of the work then you wouldn't spend that much but, you have to ask what is your time worth. As most here knwo I buy and build alot of cars and I would touch the car. It was obviously driven in the winter and not taken care of. Figure on it needing floors, quarters, doors, fenders, fuel lines, battery apron, probably core support and aprons, hatch, and probably a taillight panel. Not to mention any other areas that have been hit by the salt.
  10. Oh yes, the rust bucket returns for another round on E-Bay!:notnice:
    Wonder if some poor sucker will buy it this time ?

    See Ya Bill
  11. wow I didnt realize how rusty that thing was on the original post. however that car is the reason I got my hands on 98 cobra wheels and michelin pilot sports to put on my car so I can put the saleen wheels up so i dont ruin them. I do think the wheels look good on it...aside from that..he can keep it. That car is worth all of about 4k (if that) on a good day with all the work that needs done
  12. I think the rust on that car has scared off a potential buyer on my 93. He asked about 50 times about rust in my car (it has none). Then I never heard from him again.
  13. Looking at the car and pricing what it would take to fix it. It is really only worth what a parts car is worth. I would have to think seriously about offering anymore than $3500. Even with that much I do all my own work and just think about what rust you don't see. Every Fox Body car I have seen with that much rust showing has had major issues hidden underneath! Being conservative I would have to say I would end up with atleast $12K in the car not counting purchase price. If it needs any of the frame rails the price goes up alittle. You would have a tough time finding them. Most people who know me know I can find just about anything that is a factory Ford part. The sheetmetal bill would be huge. Before anyone says repo..the repo stuff fits like crap! I have built alot of cars and bought alot of wrecked cars and I see what fits and what doesn't. I don't see the car selling. A true collector or even a person who wants a nice mustang will see that car and run for anything more than $3500. Also notice Bidder ID isn't provided.
  14. You're right Scott. Remove the ground effects it could be scary at what we would find just under there. There's always more rust than you can see on the outside. It's a "damn shame" to see a Car ate up with cancer like that.:(
  15. As Animal stated this car would require a complete "body in white" restoration to locate & repair all of the rust that isn't readily visible. The fact that even the engine components are corroded indicates that it has been neglected for a long time.
    It may be "mechanically sound" but it's doubtful it's anywhere close to being structurally sound.
  16. I've done restorations on the scale this one would need. The man hours that it would take would cost a fortune if you paid a shop. The other issue is does the shop have experience in doing late models? Quality of work becomes a factor. Better quality= Higher cost! Someone has already passed the bidding mark I would value the car at. A ody in white would be a idea but, remember there are hidden vin's. The other issue is date codes stamped in the sheet metal! They do have them. I used to deal with that when restoring some of my older Mach 1's and big block cars. I paid big money for a car to cut up because it had zero rust and the date codes were the same as a Drag pack Mach 1 I was restoring.
  17. To clarify what I meant...

    I used the phrase "body in white" figuratively, not literally, hence the quotation marks. I did not mean that a complete new uni-body, normally referred to as a Body in White, would be required to properly restore this particular Saleen. What I meant was that the existing vehicle would have to be completely disassembled down to the bare uni-body in order to accurately survey its condition in regards to rust & other structural damage. Hence my figurative reference to a "body in white" being what would be left after the removal of all the components.

    No offense intended, Animal, just a clarification.
  18. lol SVT Saleen.

    Don't be too concerned about what you say or don't say or how it's taken.

    Most of us don't have the intelligence or vocabulary to decipher the point you're trying to make in your posts anyway.:D
  19. I understand what you meant. I was just venting on the car. Its one we should keep a record of because I doubt the new owner will have the skills to restore it correctly if he is pays them what they want for the car.