Roush Rough 93 car on ebay

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by S351R"Animal", May 27, 2007.

  1. Yea,

    I agree. The Buyer of this car will most likely just drive it until it's broken for good.
  2. With the degree of rust he won't drive it long. Not safely atleast.
  3. One thing is for sure. With that much rust and corrosion, the power to weight ratio is improving daily on that car. LOL
  4. What are your guys thoughts on rebodying the car? Is is still an original Saleen if the chassis is not the one the parts came on? I know this is a big thing with classic muscle cars but many of the rebodies still go for the same money. I have been watching the auction. After looking closely at the car if I can get it for $3500-4000 I might jump on it but if he thinks he can get $9000 he is smoking something. I work in Mustang restoration and have a huge Mustang salvage yard at my disposal so I can fix whats wrong with it. It is rough but with how rare the 93s are it would be a same to give up on the car.
  5. You can't rebody a car and call it an original, it is not real and never will be!!!
    If it didn't come fromSaleen, it's a clone at best!
    I'm sure others will feel the same way about this subject, which always boils into a big pissing match. Oh well the facts speak for themselves.

    See Ya Bill
  6. So as long as I did not touch the original dash area on the car and replaced EVERY other piece of sheet metal on the chassis it is still an original car? Sounds pretty silly if you ask me. I work on Shelbys all the time and run into the same thing. These guys replace everything on the car except the build tag.
  7. If your buying it at $3500 to fix and resell you won't make money when you figure in your labor and parts. Its not worth it unless that is a car you personally want to own and keep.
  8. I can't believe somebody has bid this thing up to $5100.00 already!

    See Ya Bill
  9. Tumas...even if you did all that, its still not original. I think what Bill means is once the saleen stuff moves from the original chasis to another mustang with a different vin that it isnt a "real" saleen anymore. As silly as it may sound...that car with all the body repanels replaced on the saleen chasis, is "more" real that converting everything over to another car.
  10. I was looking at the car as a project for myself. Unlike some others who would call it a rust bucket and write it off, I would rather try and save a Saleen instead of just buying one in good shape. I know it is much easier to just buy a nice car but I enjoy doing the work and take pride in the finished result. My last Saleen was a little bit of a project and I made it into a nice car before I sold it. Of course it does not matter because the bidding is for that car has gone way over its value anyway.
  11. Tumas, I can relate to your opinion as I did just what you are talking about.