Drivetrain Rough 95

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  1. I just bought a stock 95 GT automatic that I'm sure what is wrong with. The car runs as if it has a cam in it but I'm not sure if utt even has 1. I also have to put the gear in between D and 2 and if drivin to far it starts to smoke. I have no idea where to even start to look. I thoiught about replacing the computer, spark pugs, air filter, and pcv valve. HELP Please
  2. Most definatelly have to replace plugs, air filter, pcv etc etc. as well as pull codes on it. Eliminate the basics. Then go from there.
  3. basic tune up and a code scanner is a good place to start as banger said. The code scanners are cheap and can tell you a lot of whats going on with it.
  4. The shifter being between the D and 2 might just be due to the crendle being misaligned, no big deal.

    Do your basic tune-up items as a start point, and see where that leads.
  5. Any up date pn how its going?
  6. I guess my question is more along the lines of what kind of smoke is it? If it is a lot of white smoke, it could be a blown head gasket? Are you losing Anti-freeze? Let the car warm up and idle in the driveway and see if there is a puddle of antifreeze coming out the exhaust.
  7. I did a full tune up on it and i still had the same problem. I bought a ecm for it today and it ran a lot better. I didnt get to test drive it due to battery issues which ill be fixing in the morning. I'll give an update as soon as i test drive.
  8. So what codes did it have? If the ECM was bad, it wouldn't run. Right now it hasn't adjusted to the adaptive strategy, but once it learns the sensors, it should run the same as it did before.
  9. I wasnt able to check the codes. I have to buy a scanner. I put the new ecm in in the car and it ran worse than it did before and after a while it wouldnt crank at all.
  10. Best scanner you can get IMO. Under 30 bucks too.
    Innova 3145
  11. the best scanner is a paper clip and your key, just count the flashes of the engine light, you have to do plugs wires cap rotor before you start throwing parts at it, sounds like after it warms up starts to smoke from running rich, sounds like a tune up issue

  12. Thats such a huge PITA, its hard to tell where the beeps are separated and if you loose count then you have to start all over again. The scanner is CHEAP, its Plug and Play and it spits the code right out and comes with a book with all of the error codes. So much more easy then the paper clip method.
  13. Which pins do you jump for this? Link to a write-up?
  14. So on my 95 I don't have the 'self test input' wire off on it's own? It's the grey connector that they're pointing to that's part of the diag port?
  15. Yes, the one-wire grey connector wire in the 3rd picture. Grab the trapezoidal connector and trace the harness till you find where that one-wire connector comes out (or you find signs that it was cut out of the loom. Look for non-OEM tape or tears in the harness).
  16. I appreciate it.
  17. I apologize for my lack of response you all. I just had shoulder surgery and a little 1 within three days of each other so I've been very tied up. But I think I found the problem. I have a heavy rust iss that I overlooked somehow around my gas tank where the bolted completly broke off so my gas tank is hanging on the passenger side. With that being said I'm thinking its the fuel pump. I'm contemplating on buying my buddies 96 v6 and swapping... Good idea or not?