Rough N Tumbly

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  1. I Just Got My 302 Running And It Seems To Load Up I Am Running An Edelbrock 600 . I Am Using The Third Heaviest Springs In It . And I Am Running A Billet Msd With The 25 Degree Adavnace Stop And Second Fastest Advance Rate Springs In It. The 302 Is Stock Internally And An 85yr. Any Suggestions On This ?. It Also Seems To Lack Top End .
  2. What's initial timing set at?
    Total timing?
    Are the plugs fouling? What color?
    Was the engine apart? Rebuilt? Just in storage?
    New or replaced carburetor?
    Load up when hot / cold / regardless of engine temp?
    Always check for:
    Dirty air filter
    dirty fuel filter
    water in fuel
    alternator on-line with at least 12.8 volts or so.
    I know 20 questions is a pain in the rear, but I'll help if I can.
  3. Its An Older Engine With Great Compression N Vaccum 170 Avg N 20 Vaccum .rebuilt Carb ,performer Manifold ,all New 2.25 Exhaust+h Pipe N Hooker Supercomps.advance Im Not Sure The Pointer Is Hidden Behind The Edelbrock Water Pump ---passenger Side Inlet--i Had The Initial At About 16 And The Advance Of 25 So Im Assuming A Total Advance Of 41 Or So At Ft.
  4. It sounds like a float boal issue to me!

    Tough to tell from here...