rought idle... new coil pack?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by me27821, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. i got this 94 mustang back in the summer of 2002. it's been idling rough ever since i had it. i once read that cleaning the fuel injectors will work, so when i was about to do it, the michanic told me something else. he took out a timing light, and hooked it up to the coil pack, or whatever. he said how i'm gonna need a new one, cause some cylinders are misfiring. keep in mind this michanic isn't ripping me off, cause this is a non profit shop. so i guess i need a new coil pack. has anyone had this problem, or know where i can get a coil pack? i've looked around this forum for a bit, but couldn't find anything, plus i'm active duty military, so my spare time is very limited. can anyone help me out?
  2. Go to the local parts store and buy a coil pack.
  3. do a compression test and a leak down test a bad piston will give a rough idle no matter what ignition stuff you change.
  4. Yeah, my stang has a little bit of a rough idle also. I was thinking its the coil pack too. Its not a bad enough idle for me to go get it changed yet though. I also suspected the previous owner of my car put a different cam in? :shrug: . I had shorty headers and some other work done on my car by the previous owner, so i dont know what else he done till i tear into the motor. Could also be in your case too? Performance wise, does your car seem sluggish? Mine doesn't at all, when i hit the gas she goes. :D . Let me know if you find out for sure what the problem is :nice: .
  5. yeah it is getting kinda sluggish lately. it is an automatic though. sometimes, the car can be idling, and i'll floor it, then the engine will hesitate, it stops making any noise at all, before reving up. what would a coil pack run?
  6. 90 bucks I believe. :shrug: