Round 1 of 03/04 Cobra Shopping

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  1. Well, went to all the local dealers today...NONE of them had an 03/04 cobra, so I'm on a waiting list with them now. What's funny is @ Earnhardt Ford, I drove in and said I wanted to buy an 03/04 cobra. The guy's like ok cool just park right over there. I get out of my car, he starts trying to sell me an 05'. He actually says "The new v6 is actually faster than one of those cobras and it handles better too"
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    I was actually stunned, and did not know what to say. Then after telling me he had a few there he comes back and tells me he was wrong and put me on the waiting list. I didn't think it'd actually be this hard to find one. :nonono: One dealer actually found a black one in a city 375 miles away, but there's no way I'd get another black one.
  2. its true, the V6 05 is faster.
  3. hope your kidding
  4. See man you know you wanna keep your car. I'll tell you something as far as i have seen only about 1 out of every half million salesman working at a ford dealership know anything about mustangs.
  5. agreed.....i went into my local deaer a few weeks ago to pick up some parts for my friends PI swap, and i was lookin at the interior of n 05 v6, and the salesman comes up to me and say "boy this ones a beaut son. its got 300 hp to the wheels." so i said to him...isnt this a v6? and he goes i said open the hood, and he opens it and he goes "oh i guess i have mixed them up."........doofus :nonono:
  6. That same guy also pointed to the 6cyl and said.."See it even has spinners", and when filling out paperwork asked me if I wanted the Cobra in an automatic. :rlaugh:
  7. Yea dealers dont know jack.. When i test drove one, the guy said its the same motor as the lighting, i had to set him straight.

    I would try ur local want ad's and and look for a low mile used one.. I wouldnt buy a new one.
  8. See it morons like that ugggghhhhh. Well i went to a dealership down here about a 01 cobra. He told me yea son we can take a trade in on your car. He came back 15 minutes later and offered me (and yes this is the words out of his mouth) $1,500 for your 94 V-6. I looked at him and said your kidding. He said some those things have a very low resale value.
    I said sir, excuse me but its a 95 and just to let you know its a real Cobra you can run the VIN if you would like. So 15 minutes later and even more pissed I said its just a mystic cobra forget it. I'll keep mine.
  9. Yeah Jesse, I've actually been looking for a certified pre-owned or an unbought one. The black one had 8,000 miles which was ok, but another black car is out of the question.
  10. When I bought my 99 GT the guys told me it was an AWD 99 Cobra. I didnt even bother to correct him, when I shifted hard into to second around a turn and the rear end kick out, I thought he figured it out, but he still marked the paperwork 4x4... :nonono:
  11. Of all the people I've been around in my life, those that know the least about Mustangs are the salespeople at Ford dealerships. I almosted hated buying my car, because the dealer couldn't answer any questions I had, except when he pulled out the owner's manual or other paperwork. My people should know your product, right!?

    There's nothing worse than salepeople who don't know jack about the product their selling. Especially when the product is worth well north of $20,000.00.

    Ford could probably sell even more stangs if the dealerships weren't so bad at "selling." :)
  12. Bad thing is he SAW me pull in and stood there when I got out of my cobra, and saw my ford racing shirt, and then had the nerve to say that crap. If by the slim chance he's not a complete dumbass and was just trying to BS me into a different car, I could more understand him trying to rook an old lady or something but not a mid 20's guy who just stepped out of a fixed up cobra.
  13. I did a search for you try sunset ford it says they have 4 of them on hand :D
  14. :rlaugh:
  15. good thing i never go to the dealer... don't want to have to deal w/ that crud

    it'll be a while before i buy a new car, if ever
  16. Thanks man, yeah they're actually the 1st place I went to look yesterday, and would you believe they sold all 4!...That sucks so much. So I looked em up online soon as I got to wrok today so I thought maybe the guy was wrong and I called them back and yup, they're definately all gone. I would have took either of those two silver ones and possibly even that red one. Ah well I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  17. Back up off mah red fo0! :D
  18. Red would have been my 3rd choice after silver and white. To me, red would be like an ugly wife. You love her but you know you could get something better looking.

    Not that red's bad!...I like it I just want silver most of all.
  19. lmao nick, I have to put that quote in my sig.