Round 1 of 03/04 Cobra Shopping

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  1. Sorry to hear about that.
    Did you call pioneer ford their supposed to have a mystic one? I found all these on autotrader.
  2. Thanks, I'll try pioneer ford tomorrow to see what else they have, I don't want a mystichrome though.
  3. Nik if you get an 03/04 there goes our az sn95 photo shoot. :nonono: Just kiddin man. :jester:

    Hope you can find one. :nice:
  4. Thanks dude...I'll hang onto night rider for a little bit too though.
  5. Yeah, especially a mystic one.......:doh:

    Start looking out of state. That will definately increase your chances of getting one.

    A dealership here had a black one (used car dealership) but it's been gone for a couple weeks now. Try down here, maybe you will luck out.
  6. I dont know how those car salesmen sleep at night :nonono:
  7. Damn only $1,500? I guess I got ripped off when I bought mine! dumbass salesman... :nonono:

    Yea just imagine getting a scratch on a mystichrome....I'd throw up. Nice paint, but waaaay too expensive to fix and you'll spend all your time worrying about it. Good move goin for silver, sounds like a good color to go with (I don't seem to see quite as many silver ones), and with black bullitts it would look killer :nice:
  8. silver cars rock, especially with dark tint :D

    i have one :drool:
  9. i have 2 words for you ... competition Orange [​IMG]
  10. Yeah if they had orange or yeller I'd consider those as well.
  11. when i was looking for a mustang, i went to this one ford dealership that had a 96 gt conv. with a powerdyne supercharger. i asked this guy(Typical salseguy, slick'd back hair, polished shoes, highwater pants, kinda fat) to start the car up so i could hear it..The battery was dead. So he gets a tech to jump it, and it sounds great, i look inside and its all nice, execpt for the holes drilled in the dash. started talking about it, he said it COULD do 200mph, but it had something wrong with it and it wouldnt go above 60, so he'd drop like 500 bucks off the sticker. i laughed, then asked wahts wrong with it. He said they couldnt figure it out. Sure enouph i got the hell out of there with a quickness.
  12. too bad you dont live in columbus, i see 03's and 04's forsale everywhere here..Richart ford still has like 15 or 20 in stock from 04
  13. Well in alabama there aint none here in the north except for some mystics. Buy if you get a screact and want it painted just remember what paint you dont use has to be sent back to ford. They did that with a friends 96 mystic cobra. they had to send back like 3oz. of the paint cause that was what was left the body shop was held liable for the paint if it was not returned. how crazy is that.
  14. Still no luck really...Found a Local 03 Sonic Blue one, but it had 33K on it, which is more than I was wanting, plus I'm not keen on the blue. Ah well the search continues!
  15. i work at a ford dealership as a lot guy.
    and a week ago we got in a red drop top 03 cobra. so naturally i am checking it out and stuff, well the next day im sittin there telling all the salesmen about the car, what it has, the production numbers.....
    and then yesterday i practically sold the ****ing thing! stupid ass salesmen WOW
  16. If you like silver, you might like DSG. They are very very rare, only like 302 coupes were made.


    But since you want silver, here's another good pic. These rims match it perfectly.


    I made a thread over in the SVT threads, so if you want to see more pics of their rides, here's the thread:
  17. Whats a lot guy do?
    I'm looking for a 2nd job to make some extra cash.
  18. move cars, clean cars, drive customers home,
    pretty much anything

  19. you enjoy it?
    whats the average pay?
  20. ya its alright, i love cars, so its cool bein around them all day, especially cause my dealership is 1 of 2 roush dealerships in canada :)

    and i make 9$ an hour canadian