Round 1 of 03/04 Cobra Shopping

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  1. thanks for the info
  2. i was following a 03 black droptop charged cobra man i loved that thing, I want a 03 cobra some day I love them
  3. I think if you wait more than another year or 2 to buy an 03/04 Cobra, and it wasnt some old mid-life-crisis guy that bought one, youre gonna be sorry. Anybody who buys one of those if obviously gonna be beating the crap out of it, and youre gonna have NO idea what you are buying. Im sure very few of those are going to be left in stock form. (of course exhaust and gear mods are ok)
  4. I'm worried about the same thing. I wont be able to take delivery on one till the end of this year. I'm hoping I can find one that was a garage queen. I'd pay the additional $ for one in perfect stock form.
  5. Yeah that's one reason I haven't bought one of the several local ones avaliable from individuals. Right now I'm only looking at dealer cars with some form of warantee. Hopefully I find one soon cause I'm going insane. Haven't even drove the poor 95 for a week I feel too guilty.
  6. buy one here in columbus and i'll drive it to you.
  7. Shoot I cant beleive you arent finding any. The main dealer around me has a bunch of em. Some mystics, screamin yellow ones, and others.
  8. i have a black 04 with 1100 miles only. Only mod is bassani catback and x pipe. IM me on AIM at Smokincobra04
  9. WHy you gettin' rid of it?
  10. Thanks but no can do on a black one, that's exactly the color I want to get away from. I passed up a local black coupe too.
  11. I was lucky when i found mine. I actually found it on the SVT classifieds section, right in NY, about 3-1/2 hours from me. Only had 2800 miles on it, and all the mods listed in SIG. I had wanted a STOCK one originally, but if i found a modded mint one, i would grab it. Its really saved me alot of money cause ive done nothing to the car, which is a change :)
  12. I saw a DSG one coming up hard on me on the way to the gym today...when he got next to me he and his wife gave me the thumbs up...I should have asked if that meant he wanted to trade lol... :p
  13. :OT:
    What is the DSG?
    That pic looks :worship:
  14. dark shadow grey
  15. these cobra's sound insane with the right exhaust. I saw one the other day and it sounded so sick! made me think about selling my pos and start making payments!
  16. I was riding next to a red 03 Anniversary Edition Cobra this morning on the freeway going to work and I couldnt stop staring at it. The driver probably thought I was gay and checking him out. His plate says SC PONY.
  17. IDK why but that comment was funny as hell to me. We all get frustrated with our cars and want something better at times. And the POS made me actually laugh at loud.
  18. Well I found a silver one that an individual is selling. Me and my pops are going to run to the bank and get a the loan figured out as soon as my brother decides to come back to work to cover for us. If he doesn't come back in time and the car's sold I will be minus one brother... :D
  19. HAHAHAHAHA i feel the same way sometimes.... :rlaugh: