Round Tube Subframe Connectors

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  1. I am planning to build my own round tube subframe connectors like the ones posted by "Bobby light" in this link.

    Fox Mustang Sub Frame Connectors ques.... - Page 3 - Yellow Bullet Forums

    the only thing I am worried about is that my car is my daily driver. And I do not want round tube bulging up my carpet and getting in the way of my feet.

    anyone else here have round tube subframe connectors that you did yourself? Or have pictures of others that have done it? I am not dead set on through the floor connectors, but I am dead set on using round two over square tube.
  2. I did read the old west racing write up A few times. but I decided on round tube for my car. And I have never found a write up for a round tube set up. I want to either do it like the pictures in the link I posted or beside the frame rails like I have seen on other cars.
  3. can you repost the Link it isn't showing up

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  4. Global West sells/sold round tube SBF. Don't know if they still do, but they were a nice piece.
  5. Why not square tube? 2 x 2 fits nicely inside the stock rails and can sit surprisingly flush with the floor up front.

    Here's my 25.5 chassis I did.

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  6. I bought sub frame connectors for my 67 Cougar from Global West a couple years ago, and they were round. The book Mustang Performance Handbook 2 by William Mathis has a lot of home built chassis modifications with drawings in it for the Fox Mustangs, but he showed rectangular tubing for the sub frames.
  7. These are Griggs. If you want some ideas?

    They are basically straight with a slight bend towards the back. I can probably get the distance measurements and the angle of the bend if you want?

    DSC00186.JPG DSC00187.JPG DSC00188.JPG
  8. I'm just wondering why round over square tube? I have square tube through the floor connectors in mine as well. It's not until 25.3 that round tube connectors are mandatory and i've only seen them installed in such a way that your beat in the carpet department.
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  9. I would very much appreciate the length and angle of the bend. That would save me the guess work.
  10. It was over 10 years ago, but what I read was the strength of round tubing was greater than the square. For most street cars, I doubt anyone would notice the difference.

  11. I have 46.5", a 10 degree bend, and then 10.5". Maybe leave a 1/2" or 3/4" longer on the ends to give you some leeway. 1 5/8" diameter, but I can't tell on the wall thickness.

    I tried to get better pics of how and where they mounted on the front. The cars on the ground so its difficult. It stops right at the plastic wheel well shield, and looks like on the side they welded a flat tab to weld to the frame rail.

    DSC00191.JPG DSC00190.JPG

    The back, they welded a piece of flatstock to the end of the tube, then the flat to the rear subframe. You can see my rear lifting point in the far right of the pic. If that kind of helps where it is.
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  12. This is the passenger side. Both sides measure the same. Angle may be 9 degrees.

    DSC00193.JPG DSC00194.JPG
    DSC00196.JPG DSC00195.JPG
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  13. You sir, are the man. Thank you very much for your help.