Roush Rousch CAI voids warranty?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Bill3491, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. I am posting this for a friend who is forum illiterate. He has a 08 Roush 427. He had the dealer he bought it from put on a Roush cold air intake which, according to their website, voids the Roush power train warranty. He did not realize that at the time. He only has 10K miles and the blower just fell apart. They are telling him he signed something saying he knew it and its just tough luck.

    I could only think of two things to tell him: This is an easy way for them to get out of their warranties or it's a part that's known to be detrimental to the motor. With the reputation of Roush I find it hard to believe either of these, but.....1+1=2

    Anyone had any experience or know anything about this? This car is his life and I feel bad that the only thing I can tell him is to read the Magnuson/Moss act.
  2. Well aware of the issue and it is true that the ROUSH CAI will void the powertrain warranty.
    A better reason for this is that the powertrain {S/C, motor and transmission} were built, tested and calibrated as a single system and the CAI was later added to the catalog .... sold more as a stand alone.

    Speculation aside the bigger issue is the blower 'falling apart'. Because I'm not aware of anyone running the ROUSH CAI or any other CAI for that matter causing an engine failure. How much contact has he had with ROUSH in regards to the blower falling apart? That could pose a recall issue and be vitally important to other ROUSH owners. A detailed report on who, when and what was said in these conversations may save others the heartache he's experiencing. I feel for him.
  3. I don't know if this helps but I just had a Roush blower put on my '07 which is still under warranty. I was going to add the CAI but was told it would void the warranty. Evidently, the stock fuel pump can't support the blower plus the CAI.