Roush 2005

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  1. prototype




  2. i dont like the bumper. the ducktail is cool though
  3. The front looks like and EVO
  4. Let's see: Bumper scraper in the front? Check. Useless hood scoop? Check. Non aerodynamic doodads everywhere? Check.

    Makes a pretty car ugly. Typical for Roush.

  5. Photochop, not a prototype, and a bad one at that.

    Makes the GT-R look like a winner.
  6. and thats all roush could come up with????????? terrible terrible terrible lets hope saleen didn't get stupid on us like old jacky

  7. Yea bahhhee , Where did you get these pics from ?
  8. directly from roush.........
  9. the front bumper is horrible.
  10. :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:

    i SERIOUSLY hope that is not what the 05 Roush will look like :notnice: that "thing" is FUGLY!
  11. We'll know Sept 1.

  12. :D does it not look like the "picture" on the roush website though?
  13. That thing is pug-fugly. I wonder what the real Roush will look like.
  14. Yes it does look like the shadow. Though some of the lines are a little too sharp when compared to the rest of the body. And one of the fog lights is slightly larger than the other. But you can go onto And see several "pictures" based on that same photo. Follow the link to the photoshop section of Brad's site. There are several pages of people doing photoshops of the 05 mustang
  15. Those cant be what roush is offering, those are some Motha F**kin **** **** **** **** pictures. The Bumper is ugly as sin. The tail looks like garbage, and whats up with that hood scoop., I dont think its even a functional hood scoop, isnt the air box on the front right of the engine bay? :lol: :lol:
  16. i hope it doesn't look like the photochop above. the 'chop looks a bit too "importy" but as we all know, we'll see for ourselves this wednesday!
  17. While I do agree that the front bumper is not the best looking. It is a representation of what Roush has been putting on the 99 and up stangs.
    And as far as the hood scoop. Has there been a hood scoop on any recent mustang that has been where the airbox is? Since at least 96 the MAF has been pulling air from the front passenger fender. And I have yet to see an airscoop in the front of the hood or the fender.
  18. you ever see the roush focus? its about as ricey as it gets :lol:
  19. The members of the ROEA get to see the real car tonight at 12:00