Roush 2005

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  1. Worst photochops i've seen for 05' ..and it's str-8 from Roush.. Sad day for Roush.. spending to much time with NASCAR ?

    What a joke !! What's the world coming too... Roush went Rice- :( :nonono: :rlaugh: :mad: :notnice: :bs: :bang: :lol:
  2. THey are sad. So I made my own photoshop of it.


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  3. If they were going to come out with a photoshop they should have come out with the rear view first. I think showing what they did killed them.
  4. I like the rear spoiler if that's any consolation. :(
  5. WTF are those huge ass holes in the back bumper for? :shrug:
  6. As big and well funded a company as Roush is and the best they can do is a photochopped image that was an original Ford PR shot? Are they kidding? That's the best they can do? That's sad.

    Cervini's had a artists renditionthat looks friggin' cool. Roush's picture looks like something a high schooler would do for art class and get a grade of C for. How much do they pay the guy that did that photoshop? Because they pay him WAYYYY too much!! :nonono: