Roush Roush Chargers

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by ddever2, May 15, 2009.

  1. Forgive me if this question is ludicrous but I am kinda new to the Performance arena. Can anyone tell me if the Roush Spercharger are actually built in house by Roush or are they made by an outside source and then branded as Roush???

  2. That is a very good question. We actually assemble and spin test all supercharger units in house including the 2.3l TVS.

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  3. Prior to manufacturing the superchargers, we also go to great lengths in the engineering and integration of these kits for the specific application. One of the aspects to our ROUSHchargers that's easy to overlook is the calibration. We invest great amounts of time and money to come up with calibrations for our kits that hold up across the spectrum of environmental conditions. This is one reason why we can offer the powertrain warranty that we do.

    So, to answer the question, ROUSHchargers are not simply branded kits from other manufacturers. We use some existing technology that we can use as we engineer an integrated system for the specific vehicle.