1. Give your vehicle the ultimate in performance upgrades at the ROUSH Install Center.

    Upgrades at this shop are performed by official ROUSH technicians. So, you can rest assured that they know the ins and outs of each part that's branded ROUSH.

    At the ROUSH Install center, you can have your vehicle upgraded with:

    Body Kits
    Suspension Systems
    & More

    For installations that include a ROUSHcharger®, you will receive an engine bay plaque with a serialized ROUSH Install job number and a letter listing the parts installed.

    Feel free to contact us at 800-59-ROUSH with any questions or to schedule an install.

    - Joe
  2. Nice!

    What's this 550HP? I thought you guys went up to 510HP with the P51.

    Did the car also had the internals done?
  3. Yes, pulled the motor and replaced the internals with forged pistons, h-beam rods and a forged crank. He also went with an upgraded clutch, driveshaft and rear end.

    The 510 hp on our P-51 was very under-rated. Most of the customers I've talked to said theirs dyno'd out around 500 whp, closer to 560 or so crank hp.

    This customer actually called me up a few weeks back. Best out of 3 pulls, he made 540 whp and 511 lb ft on 91 octane, conditions were 81 degrees at 43% humidity. Not saying that every car will break in this well. But this is with our standard R2300 and a full 3 year 36k warranty.
  4. Nice but mine will be faster. Seriously though that's awesome and it just make's mewant mine that much more.
  5. Thats great! Built it the way you want, I did. Now enjoy!