Roush intake on ebay

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  1. I highly doubt its worht 50 hp its claiming on an otherwise bone stock 5.0 stang. :nonono:

    But either way, it looks pretty interesting.. wouldnt mind seeing it in person.
  2. i like it... so u dont need a CAI with that airfilter on top?
  3. i wish roush would make that intake again. i would definetly buy it but not for a grand
  4. why would they only make 100? doesn't seem logical
  5. I had heard years ago that the cost to make it was high, and the market for 5.0 intakes didn't need an intake that cost twice as much as any other.
  6. That one is different that the one I remember. Did roush make 2 different styles of 5.0 intake like that?
  7. i thought that intake was for the 94-95 cars only and you had to get their heat extractor style hood to go with it since the t-body points towards the firewall
  8. Seem to me that they were just for 94-95, I saw a guy on Ebay had a Fox with one but he had to do some fabbing to get it to work
  9. It seems like it's bad for boost, since it's 2-piece. If I get my money back for some heads I didn't get, it's going on a bagged out '88 GT. :D
  10. wow... awesome