Roush or Y2K's???

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  1. Hey guys I've got a 90 gt and I am thinking of either chrome Y2K's or some chrome roush wheels. I would like you guy's opinion on either of these and if possible some pics of both wheels. thanks guys.

    I would really like to see some pics of a fox with chrome roush wheels. thanks.
  2. Hey man, check out my car. I got 18 Cobra 2000 Y2K's. I love them. They are on the last page on my site. they look alot better then they show. I love them. I had just finished my m-2300-k brake kit like a hour before so i quick drove it home and took pics and put it in the garage for the winter. It was cold and *****ty out so they dont look very good. Look more at the close up pics. I reccomend them though. there awesome. Alot better then everybody elses 17's cobras.
  3. I got the 17" Y2K's and wish I would have went with the 18's:bang:
  4. Why do you wish you would have went with the 18's. and also bluegt your car looks great man what color is that. and send post some pics man.
  5. I just think the 18's look better. Thanks, I think its called surreal blue. I don't have any recent pics. These are the last ones I've taken of my car. My wife bought me a new digital camera for christmas but I haven't gotten around to taking more pics.

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  6. Idk, 17s just dont look right, 18's are the way the Rims were designed on the Cobra R so they look good in 18's. And the 17's just look "shrunken" so to speak. Although i will give you credit, those are the best 17's ive seen on a fox. Most look really really bad.