Roush P-51A Ford Mustang Dogfights to Save the Streets

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  1. Sixty-five years ago, there was a Mustang that served as a crucial tool in the liberation of Allied territory during World War II. The P-51 Mustang fighter plane was an aviator?s dream with its speed, power, and prowess in battle. Today, the P-51 moniker has been resurrected by Roush Performance (, with the release of the P-51A Ford Mustang. This S197 Ford Mustang was just unveiled this week at the 2007 SEMA show and it left chills in those who knew the name before the pony car came to be. View attachment 351814 </img> View attachment 351816 </img> View attachment 351818 </img> View attachment 351820 </img> View attachment 351822 </img> View attachment 351824 </img>