Forced Induction Roush Questions.

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  1. My 2011 will be paid off in about a year, and I'm doing research now and leaning towards the Roush. Couple of's my engine bay now:

    No doubt I will lose the engine cover, but:

    1. Could I keep that STB?
    2. Will I be able to use any part of that Steeda CAI or will that be useless with the Roush?
    3. For budgeting purposes, If I buy the kits listed on any website, do I "NEED" anything else to purchase or will I only need to buget for labor?
    4. Would you recommend my own tuning and pay for it or the tuning that comes with the Roush package?
    5. I have an SCT tuner already..does that help or is that useless also?
    6. Any other tips/tidbits/info helpful.

  2. I don't believe you could re-use anything from the CAI, though it just depends on what setup you choose for your intake.
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    That is all.